What Telling Your Mom About Your Social Life is Like

Whether it’s over the phone or over a college break, moms seem to always have a lineup of questions that would put the Spanish Inquisition to shame. By now they really should know that not only did curiosity kill the cat, but that collegiettes often tend to stretch the truth when it comes to relaying information about our social lives. Regardless of whether you are giving your mom the 101 about the cutie in your history lecture or you accidentally slipped up and dished about a late night out, the mom vs. social life conversation is sometimes a tricky one to navigate. Any collegiette who has had this conversation with her mom will be able to relate to these stages all too well.

1. When the conversation starts, she is super excited to hear about everything that you have been up to since the last time you two talked.

2. She wants to know every little thing that is happening in her favorite daughter’s life.

3. You tell her about your classes, your friends and your extracurricular activities as she listens intently.

4. She seems slightly confused (maybe even suspicious) about why you’re staying up until two in the morning most nights when you have 8 a.m. classes.

5. Then, it happens. You accidentally let it slip that your party-to-studying ratio might be a little bit party-heavy and her interest level is instantly increased to 100—and maybe not in a good way.

6. You try to back track by saying that you actually don’t really go out that much, but she’s not buying it.

7. She insists that you can tell her because, you know, she’s a cool mom.

8. Initially, she seems happy to hear that you actually have friends and that your Netflix account gets a break.

9. It seems to be going well, so you tell her about all the parties you and your friends have gone to and what frat houses you wouldn’t be caught dead at.

10. Everything is fun and games until she asks you how you have time for all of these parties with a full class load on your plate...

11. And how much sleep you REALLY get.

12. She then figures out how to tie in the fact that you never call her as an added attack bonus.

13. In an attempt to distract her from the fact that you are obviously failing as a daughter, you start telling her a hilarious story from one of your nights out.

14. Given the fact that she isn’t cracking up, you can tell that a lecture is brewing.

15. To prove to her that you actually do own clothes other than leggings, you show her one of your super cute “party” outfits, but she doesn’t seem impressed.

16. She keeps pointing out the fact that you are an adult and all that she wants is for you to make good choices.

17. At this point, you decide to steer the conversation in another direction and tell her about the guy that you have been dating.

18. Of course if you tell a mom about a boy, she’s going to want to know everything.

19. She tries to be nonchalant about it, but she obviously wants to know if you’re being safe.

20. Cool mom might make a cameo appearance again and you’re not sure how to feel about it.

21. But then the mama bear you know and love resurfaces.

Despite the ups and downs of the conversation, you are so glad that you can tell your mom anything and still have her unconditional love and support. However the next time she asks what you’ve been up to, you might want to be a bit more cautious about how much you let on.