Gifts For Your Boyfriend’s Parents - Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Whether you’ve never met them before (AH!) or you’ve been spending holidays with them for years — getting gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend’s family can be super stressful. Don’t walk into their house empty-handed and take our pointers instead.



This Gold Mosaic Diffuser Holder from Pier 1 is stylistically pretty neutral and should go with most home decors, so even if you’ve never stepped in their house before it should work. Pick up some reed diffusers to go along with it in case his or her mom doesn’t have any. $12

Wine Opener


For a slightly more fun family, these Whimsical Animal Wine Openers will be a great conversation starter for your night with them (how did you come up with such a creative gift?!) and for all the other nights they open a bottle of wine for guests. $40

Serving tray


Impress his or her family by bringing over a loaf of your favorite bread and this bread + dip serving tray. Seriously who doesn’t need a nice serving tray — especially when they’re entertaining someone as special as you?! $50

Tasty treat


If you are pretty direction-less and the person you are in a relationship with can add nothing to help other than the fact that their parents eat, you can’t go wrong with Harry & David’s Moose Munch. It’s nearly impossible not to love! Just make sure you wrap it up nicely! $23



This gift will be a successful one — as long as no one in their house is allergic to flowers! If not, you’ll be all set for good gift-giving karma with the potential in-laws once you give them this Potted Phaelanopsis White Orchid. $50

Picture frame


A picture frame is a simple, easy gift, and this Gray Wash Isla Carved Frame is particularly beautiful. If you’ve spent time with the family before, and have taken pictures, major bonus points if you develop a picture (not of you!) and put it in the frame before you wrap it up. $25