9 Gifts MADE for the Disney Superfan

We can all admit we're a little Disney-obsessed, even as adults. If anything, the holidays are the perfect time embrace your inner child. Here are our top picks to gift to the biggest Disney fan in your life... including yourself.

1. Ariel's Seashell Necklace, $16

We all secretly want to be a mermaid, so why not combine that desire with our love of Disney? Ariel's seashell necklace is iconic, and it's also classy enough to just be an adorable everyday necklace. Check it out on Etsy

2. Maleficent Watercolor, $7

This works whether you're a fan of the original Disney film Sleeping Beauty, or the more recent live-action Maleficent. Either way, it's a gorgeous rendition of one of our favorite villains. The Etsy store that sells it also has an entire collection of Disney-themed art prints!

3. Custom Mickey/Minnie Mouse Ears Headband, $40

Possibly the most unique take on Mickey/Minnie ears to date, this headband combines tradition with a creative flair. The standard ears are crafted from practically any fabric you'd like, adorned with sequins, and the headband also comes with a bow and a party hat. You can buy the festive holiday pair, or select something custom made, here on Etsy.

4. Cheshire Cat Mug & Spoon Set, $8

We're all mad here, so why not serve hot beverages in this personalized Cheshire Cat mug? You can find this here

5. Disney Princess Taco Belle Shirt, $16

This one is especially perfect if you know a grown-up Disney lover who also lives for tacos. Snag this shirt and give it to the the wittiest princess you know! 

6. Disney Wine Glass, $9

For the friend who always comes over with a glass (or tumbler) of wine in hand for Disney marathons, this classy wine glass is the ultimate gift. 

7. Princess Mug, $14

We all know someone who was easily a Disney princess in a past life, or even in their current one. This cute mug tells it like it is! 

8. Frozen Infinity Scarf, $26

Maybe the cold doesn't bother you, anyway—but you won't feel that way in the middle of winter when it's negative degree weather. This infinity scarf is perfect for the Frozen fan in your life who is constantly cold, even when she won't admit it. 

9. Rapunzel and Pascal Earrings, $18

Is it just us, or is Tangled one of the most underrated Disney movies? Celebrate the Tangled fan in your life by giving her these all-too-adorable Rapunzel and Pascal stud earrings

Your friend probably wouldn't mind an all-expenses paid trip to the Disney parks as their holiday gift, but assuming that's not possible, any true Disney fan would love any of these presents as they cuddle up for yet another movie marathon.