5 Minimalist Yet Thoughtful Gifts for Literally Everyone In Your Life

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Even though you and the people you’re shopping for might not really need anything this December, you’re probably still exchanging gifts this holiday season. This is a habit ingrained into our minds by a consumerist society and we’re all at least a little guilty of it. But what if just for one year, we try to gift smarter?

You don’t have to be a minimalist to opt for minimal gifts this holiday season. You can be someone who wants to make a difference in the environment, someone who wants to give gifts people will love, or even just someone who’s gifted so many candles that they want to mix it up a little. Giving minimal gifts doesn’t mean you’re cheap or you don’t care, it means you’re thinking deeper about your holiday shopping and the people you’re shopping for. Here are a few of the best minimalist gifts that are sure to warm the hearts of your BFFs, S/O or family members.

1. Experiences

Whether you get them tickets to a play, a plane or bus ticket for a trip they want to go on, or any other experience that they might not want to spend the money on otherwise, this gift can really go a long way. You’ll be giving them memories that will last a lifetime, rather than an object that will make them happy for a few hours. You can really do a lot with this gift, from concert tickets to skydiving, so get creative!

2. Subscriptions

Think Spotify, Netflix, Audible, Hulu, Amazon Prime, a gym membership, or anything else that you can gift a few months of membership for. A lot of people would love to have these subscriptions but don’t want to pay the monthly fee for them, so this gift will really get a lot of use without taking up any extra space.

3. Food

If there’s a nice restaurant near you that someone on your list wants to try, this is the perfect opportunity to take them out to dinner! They’ll get a nice meal on you, and you’ll both get the gift of spending quality time together. If going out to dinner isn’t your style, you could always bake them cookies, stock them up on their favorite snacks, or cook them their favorite meal at home. The best part of this gift is that everyone loves food, so you can’t go wrong.

4. A letter

Writing letters is really a lost art, which makes it that much more special when you take the time out of your life to give one as a gift. You can write about anything you want, but just reading your words on the page will be a gift your loved one can cherish for a lifetime. Try handwriting it rather than typing, because that little bit of extra effort makes the gift that much more valuable.

5. Your time

The final (and most important) gift idea on this list is simply your time. Life can get pretty busy, and people tend to forget to make time for each other. Dedicate a whole day to spending time together, and try to stay away from your phone or any other distractions the whole time. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have when you slow down and fully experience the moment you’re in. Nothing is more valuable than quality time together.

I hope this list can help you shop mindfully this Christmas. No matter how you celebrate this festive month, remember that the best gift of all is love. Spread kindness this holiday season, and you might even end up having more fun!

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