26 Happy Home Gifts for Mom

Home is where the heart is! As a collegiette, chances are you’re no longer living at home (at least for now), so your mom doesn’t get to see your shining face every day. Fill the absence with some Mother’s Day gifts that will reminder her of you – and instantly put a smile on her face.


DENY Designs ‘Teenage Daughter Survivor’ Mug, $10 at Nordstrom

Admit it: your mom deserves a medal for surviving 16-year-old you (and 17 year-old-you, TBH). This may not be a medal, but a mug is a start.

What I Love About Mom by Me Book, $10 at Uncommon Goods

There are thousands of reasons why you love your mom, so give her some insight on Mother’s Day! Trust us, she’ll love that you took the time to appreciate all she does (and that she has your answers on hand for posterity’s sake)!

Mom Decorative Sign – Friend Message, $10.95 at Paper Source

Got a mother-daughter relationship to rival Lorelai and Rory’s? Show it off!

Best Mom Tea Towel, $11.95 at Paper Source

You know your mom is the best – let’s put it in writing! This towel says everything we’re thinking, plus the coral ombre will look fab at your parents’ place.

Best Mom Ever Mug, $12.95 at Paper Source

Brighten her morning, every morning. We bet what Mom wants to hear more than anything when she wakes up is, “I love you,” but you can’t exactly be in two places at once – you’re waking up on a bunk bed in your dorm instead. So let this mug do the talking while you’re away.

Good Housekeeping 400 Healthy Recipes: Easy, Delicious, Low-Calorie, $13.43 at Barnes & Noble

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but they are ignoring another major group of people whose love can be earned through a good meal: moms. Gift yours this gorgeous recipe book, then plan a girls’ night in cooking up something special.

Two’s Company Chatham Globe Vase, $15 on Canopy

In the eternal words of Amy Poehler, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” So don’t give your mom a regular vase – give her a cool vase. This modern pick is simple, sleek and Mrs. George-approved.

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes, $19 on Canopy

Let’s be honest: the ideal Mother’s Day gift would be a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower (and a trip to Paris is totally a win-win situation for you). Alas, collegiette budgets only go so far. Instead, opt for this Parisian-inspired novel – it’s got all the right French intrigue and all the recipes Mom needs to enjoy some joie de vivre.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook, $18.95 at Ghirardelli

Do we even have to explain this one? Mom + chocolate = happiness.

Crackle Glass Coasters, $24 at West Elm

Add a pop of color to Mom’s day-to-day! These coasters will brighten up any room, and trust us – they’ll brighten up Mother’s Day, too.

Camembert Plates, $24.95 at Stonewall Kitchen

These vintage cheese label-inspired plates are too beautiful not to give to Mom. Plus, as diehard cheese lovers, we simply can’t resist.


Insulated Tumbler with Lid Set, $25 at Lilly Pulitzer

Why settle for one on-the-go tumbler when you could have two? This set of Lilly tumblers is perfect for Mom’s morning coffee or her iced tea. Plus, it’s just plain pretty.

Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug, $25 at Shopbop

So, this is the swankiest lipstick stain we’ve ever seen! The gilded kiss is just kitschy enough to give Mom a kick in the mornings, and we love the look of the gold with the bone china.

Wine Pairing Towel Set, $28

Does your mom love wine? Yeah, we had a feeling. These cute, colorful towels will guarantee her only the best food and wine pairings for years to come!

‘Thanks Mom’ Box Picture Frame, $28 at Nordstrom

Like we said, it’s hard not being home to brighten up Mom’s day during the week. So give her something to look at that will make her feel less far away from you – this sweet frame will do the trick! All that’s left is to choose the perfect mother-daughter picture.

Grand Dame Recipe Tin, $38 at Anthropologie

We’re obsessed with this cute recipe tin from Rifle Paper Co.! Equal parts old-school and chic, this pretty piece from Anthropologie is the staple your mom’s kitchen was waiting for.

Rhodes Wine Cooler, $39 at Pottery Barn

If we haven’t emphasized this enough already, wine-related gifts are the way to go when it comes to Mother’s Day. This customizable wine cooler will be an instant winner!

Sagaform Stoneware Herb Pot Trio, $40 on Canopy

If your mom’s a gifted cook (or is trying to be someday), she needs the complete chef’s kitchen. And what’s a chef need to add fresh flavor to her dishes? Fresh herbs! This set of herb pots will let her grow her own basil, rosemary, cilantro... the list goes on and on!

Set of 6 Cheese Markers, $40 at Shopbop

Meet the ultimate gift for any hostess: printed metal cheese markers. Besides, if you’re fancy enough to have all these cheeses ready for your guests to enjoy, you might as well make it easy on them (and avoid any unwanted gruyere and gouda mix-ups).

Cucinapro Crepe Maker, $49.95 at Stonewall Kitchen

Violà! Mom’s meals are about to get a whole lot more Parisian (and we’re about to come home for dinner and dessert a lot more often).

UNDER $100

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder, $60 at Uncommon Goods

Cookbooks are so last century. If you really want to help Mom in the kitchen – whether she’s an experienced chef or a ramen-and-takeout kind of woman – you’ll give her this tablet-friendly utensil holder so she can have her favorite recipes on hand whenever she needs them.

Antique Silver Jewelry Box, $79 at Pottery Barn

Give Mom a good place to store all her gorgeous jewelry – in an even more gorgeous case! This museum-inspired jewelry box is totally on-trend with its glass-and-steel frame. Can you say Pinspirational?

McKenna Leather Travel Portfolio, $79 at Pottery Barn

It’s important to have a nice, safe place to keep your jewelry at home, but the travelers among us know it’s even more important to have a nice, safe place to keep it while you’re on the go. We’re obsessed with this hard-case leather travel folder for all of Mom’s favorite accessories – it’s the stealthy way to stay stylish anywhere and everywhere.

NOOK GlowLight eReader, $99 at Barnes & Noble

Any book, anywhere, anytime. You’ve been hearing about NOOKs for years – you might even have your own – but you’re about to rock Mom’s world with this GlowLight version, which illuminates the pages for easy reading any time of day or night. Plus, it’s super light and purse-friendly!

OVER $100

Crosley Radio ‘Executive’ USB Turntable, $110 at Nordstrom

If your mom’s a music fan, trust us – this is the gift she’ll never forget (the kind that will blow your siblings’ gifts out of the water). The turntable converts vinyl records to digital files so she can listen on the go, and its speaker system lets her listen on full-blast in the house whenever she likes!

Reiko Kaneko Cluster Vase, $145 at Shopbop

Remember how we talked about the importance of a cool vase? Allow us to introduce you to another favorite of ours: this origami-inspired bone china piece is making us feel all the Pinterest feels! Pro tip: Mom will adore it. Like, forever.