20 Signs You’re the Pushover of Your Friend Group

If you’re the type to give more than you get, it can range from being totally fine (friends crashing at your place) to being totally frustrating (friends staying over so often that they should practically pay rent). Here are some ways you know that you’re too generous for your own good. 

1. The word “no” isn’t in your vocabulary.

You can’t help but say yes to everything! Especially if it involves extra guac or cheese.

2. Which makes you everyone’s go-to if they need someone to shop, eat or go out with.

Your bank account is telling you no, but the social butterfly in you is saying, "Do you really want to miss out on Taco Tuesday or that all-day sale?"

3. You tend to go along with whatever your friends want because it’s easier than arguing against them.

Besides, you so are not the one to opt out of boozy brunches and Bachelorette-viewing wine nights.

4. You have trouble voicing your opinion for fear of upsetting others or “rocking the boat.”

And who are you to tell your friend that the new ruby lipstick she’s rocking makes her look like the Joker? 

5. Arguing makes you physically uncomfortable, so you try to avoid conflict at any costs.

Unless it involves what appetizers you’re going to order because you’ll be damned if you’re suckered into eating potato skins over nachos. 

6. And you give in easily to peer pressure, especially when it comes to drinking.

Who are you to resist a free tequila shot, or five?

7. You care way too much about what people, even those that already love you, think about you.

If only your mind came with an off button.

8. Your catchphrases switch between “no problem” and “sure.”

If you could get paid to be a people pleaser, you’d rake in SO much cash.

9. You’re always lending clothes, makeup and, in extreme cases, even money.

Being generous feels as good as sex, or a seriously refreshing facial.

10. But it’s hard for you to recognize when you’re being taken advantage of because catering to others comes naturally to you.

You have the heart of a grandma. You can't help it!

11. You’re always apologizing for things that aren’t actually your fault.

Like the restaurant screwing up your family’s sushi order, even though you clearly asked for spicy crab instead of the California roll.

12. You don’t realize it, but you hold in a lot of pent-up aggression. So when you vent, you really let it all out.

You’re kind of like a volcano, only instead of emitting lava, you ooze emotion and tears.

13. But for the most part, things don’t really get to you, so you’re used to accepting whatever comes your way with a smile on your face.

You’re literally as adaptable as a chameleon, only with way better skin.

14. Sometimes your facial expressions will give your true feelings away.

That easygoing smile doesn’t hide a thing—if you’re unhappy about something, you’ll look like you’re holding in a poop.

15. Only it’s still hard to tell when you’re actually upset because you’re used to trying to seem as happy and upbeat as possible.

You’re like the energizer bunny, only softer and with way less durability on treadmills.

16. You don’t even bother trying to address feelings or label relationships, so you’re used to hookups and FWB.

Which is fine with you because you’d rather fantasize about dating the hotties from Riverdale versus actually wasting your energy dating any local losers anyway. 

17. You get told that you need to stand up for yourself, but when you finally do, it shocks and displeases people.

And you thought that Lost was confusing.

18. People can’t fathom you ever being mean, so you can get away with making a bitchy comment and/or a sassy joke.

You’re like a rose with thorns, or a spicy piece of chicken with an extra kick of WTF seasoned in.

19. But overall, you love being relied on and take pride in being a dependable person.

People count on you the way you count on concealer to transform you from decaying alien to glowing goddess.

20. Because at the end of the day, knowing that you’re needed is worth being pushed and pulled in all kinds of directions.

Hey, whatever keeps you on your feet and adds an extra oomph to your life!