16 Signs You're the Panda of Your Friend Group

Can you relate to this situation: You see an article online about the birth of pandas, followed by a series of adorable videos of said pandas, and you think, "What a resemblance. Could I have been a panda in another life?" Yeah, us too.

1. When you and your friend have an 8 a.m. together and they try to wake you up

2. When you and your friends have pillow fights but you get tired pretty quickly and quit

3. You're the one who is just trying to make every situation fun

You're probably the one in the mall playing on the carousel rather than shopping.

4. You do not take well to your friends trying to "share" food, clothes, or well, anything really

5. Sometimes your friends try to get you to leave your bed and Netflix to go out into society, and you are just having none of that

6. You like to cuddle, especially when your friends say they don't like being touched

7. You like to sleep…a lot

8. Your equilibrium is not your strongest feature

9. You show your affection for your pals in not-so-inconspicuous ways

10. Your inner monologue consists of a lot of humphs


11. You tend to go with the flow when it comes to making plans with the group

Probably when a lot of the internal sighing occurs.

12. Sometimes you can't help but acknowledge your cuteness

Because you're just an oversized teddy bear at heart.

13. You are quick to stop your friends from making decisions they will regret

14. You can be the fun kid of the group

15. But also the mama bear

16. And most importantly, you like to eat…a lot