The 11 Most Awkward Holiday Family Photos

Family gatherings during the holidays are always a little weird, but at least the discomfort is over when the last guest leaves. The poor people in these family portraits get to relive that awkwardness every day thanks to the Internet and whoever's bright idea it was to capture these unbearable moments on camera.

1. "You say you've been a good boy this year? Liar, liar, pants on--well, this is awkward."

2. We think this could double as a family Valentine's Day card (but it'd be even better if Mom could find a matching Cupid's outfit... that wasn't topless, preferably).

3. This family portrait is an innovative take on country-club-meets-Indiana-Jones (in the best way possible). The kid even throws in a jazz hand for extra pizzazz!

4. The most awkward thing about this photo is that the cat is more photogenic than its owner (even with the Santa hat).

5. This family believes Christmas celebrates many things, including joy, giving and, apparently, the circle of life.

6. The photographer suggested a "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" theme, and this family took it literally.

7. Nothing says, "we wish you the best this holiday season" like a card that really says, "my kids are better athletes than yours."

8. We give this family a 10 out of 10 for creativity, but only 9 out of 10 for execution--what is the point of using candles if they aren't even lit?

9. At least three-fourths of the family made the "Nice" list this year.

10. This couple's beloved pet is opposed to giving up his cozy bed for a manger.

11. Big brother is following in Rudolph's footsteps in more ways than one--his friends are definitely going to "laugh and call him names" after seeing this gem.