The 10 Best Things About Being An Introvert

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I know sometimes we introverts can be pretty hard on ourselves. We often have to face criticism, bullying and rudeness about our introverted nature, which can put a negative tone over our whole being. Take it from me, I didn’t start embracing myself completely until the past year or so, and I’m 22 years old! That was about 21 years of low confidence and sometimes even low self-esteem. It wasn’t until I learned more about myself that I discovered how awesome being an introvert really was. There were so many things I had never noticed about myself or passed off as nothing special that were just that – special. And all of those things can apply to you too!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to talk about the best things (or gifts!) that come with being an introvert. 

1. When we speak, people listen

We are often the quietest people at the table and sometimes people forget we’re even there. The great thing about that is that people will listen when we speak. They are usually pretty interested in what they’ll hear coming from the “mysterious, quiet one.” So take of advantage of this and let them hear you roar.

2. We don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for what we say

Something extroverts often have to deal with is diarrhea of the mouth. This is when they have no filter and say the first thing that comes to their mind. This gets them heard in social situations, but it is also the best way to offend people or say the wrong thing. Introverts, on the other hand, are so introspective and observant that we think (and sometimes overthink) about the things we want to say, often down to the exact wording we’ll use.

3. People are fascinated by us

Because we are so quiet, people are often fascinated by our nature.They want to know how we function and are always curious to hear what we have to say. Introverts aren’t usually attention-seekers, so this can make for an uncomfortable situation for us. Nonetheless, it’s always nice to have people who are interested in––rather than turned off––by us.

4. We are constantly beating people’s expectations 

Speaking of those who are turned off by us! There are some individuals out there who truly believe that being introverted is a weakness and will prevent any success in life. So, it’s always fun to prove these people wrong! Personally, I love public speaking and making presentations (evidence of my extroverted side). When I was in school, my teachers and fellow students were so surprised at my confidence in front of the crowd, which was always super satisfying.

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