You Have to Try These New Cookie Fries Making a Grand Entrance in Texas

We all know that every food item on the shelf has its soulmate, whether it's peanut butter and jelly, cookies and cream or ketchup and fries.  But, unfortunately we must announce that those last two couples have recently broken up, due to the new love affair that has been created between cookies and fries!

State Fair Treats, a new restaurant opening in a Walmart in Plano, Texas, will be serving the one and only Cookie Fries! According to Cosmopolitan, the owner of the new restaurant, Issac Rousso, created the crinkle-cut fry shaped cookie with sprinkles and the drizzle of either a chocolate or strawberry sauce down the side. The Daily Meal reports that the state-fair themed restaurant will have 45 items to offer on their menu, including fried Pop Tarts, deep fried Cuban rolls, and smoky bacon margaritas too!

Though these amazing treats will be difficult to get unless you live in Plano, State Fair Treats will also be at the State Fair of Texas, running from September 30 to October 23. And even better, Rousso is planning to take the restaurant on the road for a national run!

Sorry cream and ketchup, looks like you’ll be single for a while.