Smoothie Recipes: Quick, Healthy & Delicious

Smoothies make a great on-the-go snack with a nutritious fill of fruits or vegetables. Since store-bought smoothies can sometimes harbor hidden added sugars, we suggest making your own. By playing smoothie-barista, not only are you putting your signature twist on the drink, you also have the power to decide which healthy items you want to add. Once you create your favorite blend of ingredients, you can even name it if you feel so inclined!

Making a smoothie is simple and with a little practice, it will be second nature to you. Our favorite tip comes down to the order the ingredients go into the blender. Liquid goes in first and then frozen fruit or ice, keeping the blades from getting jammed and softening the fruit at the same time. We also suggest you keep a rubber spatula on hand for easy removal from the blender. A great thing about this snack is there are always easy fixes. If you want your smoothie to be a little thicker, add two or three ice cubes and re-blend. A little less thick? Add around a tablespoon of your chosen liquid and blend. We’ve given you some basic recipes to help jump-start your smoothie-making career.

Basic Recipe For Smoothies

  • 2 cups of frozen fruit
  • 3/4 cup of liquid
  • 1/2 cup of yogurt

Now pick which smoothie recipe is right for you! 

Refreshing with Antioxidants

A berry mint smoothie is a great treat on hot days or after a run through the neighborhood. Using our basic recipe above, add frozen berries like strawberries or raspberries, 100 percent cranberry fruit juice and non-fat plain yogurt. Once the ingredients are blended together, toss in 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped mint leaves to feel refreshed in no time!

Calcium Strong with Strawberry Banana

For those of us who find it hard to drink a plain glass of milk, this blend is the perfect way to sneak in your daily dose of calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth.  Use a cup of peeled frozen banana (be sure to cut into chunks before freezing) and a cup of strawberries to round out your fruit.  Add skim milk as your liquid and strawberry yogurt.

Protein Power Up

This smoothie is my favorite for an on-the-go breakfast. A protein-dense start to your day will keep you full if you have a busy morning scheduled. Use one frozen banana and one small chopped apple with milk, yogurt, and two extras: one T peanut butter and ¼ C tofu. While the tofu may raise your eyebrows at first, we promise there won’t be a strange taste left in your mouth!

Vitamin C Melon Smoothie

Melon is an excellent source of vitamin C. Since summer is the peak of the growing season, the melons will be inexpensive and great tasting. Use one cup of cantaloupe and one cup of honeydew or three cups of watermelon for your fruit. Use orange juice for your liquid and a plain yogurt. If you chose to go with watermelon, you’ll need to add approximately one cup of ice. Why three cups and ice? Since watermelon is a fruit with lots of liquid, this melon will quickly reduce in the blender and adding ice will give it structure.

Remember, there is no messing up a smoothie! You be the judge and add more liquid and ice as necessary. For the ultimate presentation, chill a tall glass in the refrigerator or freezer to serve in.

Best of the Blenders

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Kalorik BL-16909 is a great starter blender with a relatively low price of $40 but not short of good reviews. Reviewers and testers noted the good ice crushing capabilities and ease of cleaning (found on Amazon).

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