Postmates Party Is A Thing Now & It Can Get You Free Group Delivery From Popular Spots

There’s nothing we love more than ordering in, but what we don’t love are the annoying fees services add on to bring our food right to our door. Though it’s a small price to pay for the convenience (or our own laziness), but those fees can definitely add up for the on-a-budget college student. Thankfully, Postmates has a new feature that gives you special deals to avoid those pesky fees.

On Wednesday, Postmates launched a new delivery feature called Postmates Party. According to a press release, Postmates will provide a list of places that other people in your area are ordering from when you open the app. It’s a lot similar to a rideshare app or carpool to save money but with food instead. Then, you can select “join the Party” to share the delivery with other people in your neighborhood. The option basically gets rid of the dreaded delivery fee. According to Thrillist, you will only have a five minute window to place your order—sorry to all my fellow indecisive people.

“We are driven by the vision of creating a logistics infrastructure that allows goods to move throughout a city at nearly zero cost to the consumer. Postmates Party is the latest innovation in on-demand delivery that will help us deliver on this vision,” CEO and co-founder of Postmate Bastian Lehmann said in a press release. “Postmates Party is a fun way to give customers the option to save money by ordering from popular restaurants that people all around them are ordering from in real time.” 

TBH, this sounds like a dream come true. But there still might be some downsides in saving a couple bucks. If you choose Postmates Party, your food could take a lot longer to come. Patience is a virtue when you select this delivery feature. Also, depending on the size of your delivery group, your food could get cold or soggy. I really hope the time window is short because no one likes soggy fries. 

According to the website, Postmates Party is available in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County and Philadelphia. If you’re in those areas, you may way to check out the places in your area and find your new favorite dish.