As Far As I'm Concerned, Pop-Tarts Won The Super Bowl

What do pretzels, Pop-Tarts, and Jonathan Van Ness have in common? Being iconic, obviously. During Sunday night's Super Bowl LIV, the famous toaster pastry brand aired their commercial that had me ready to trade in my chips and dips for the new Pop-Tarts Pretzel. 

The commercial opens with an old tv playing a sad, dull infomercial with a voice-over saying, "Are you tired of pretzels not being Pop-Tarts?" Which, I'll admit, confused me a little at first. But seconds later JVN walks into frame and clears that up by introducing  Pop-Tarts Pretzels, the perfect combo of sweet and salty. Simultaneously the set transitions into a futuristic space with neon lights and a blue metallic Pop-Tarts backdrop. Jonathan then toasts some of the new Pop-Tarts while magically changing into a blue sequin Pop-Tarts crop top that I seriously want to borrow (@jvn, please?). Oh and the phrase 'toaster ready chic' is coined, in case you needed another reason to watch the video. 

The new product comes in Chocolate or Cinnamon Sugar flavors and is now available in grocery stores nationwide. So sweet & salty lovers, take a tip from Jonathan and fix your snacking situation with the latest innovation in toaster pastries. 



Comin’ in hot and a lil salty it’s the memes you didn’t know you needed

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Brava, as Jonathan would say, to the Pop-Tarts social team who took this a step further and served up sassy memes that I truly cannot get enough of.