This 20 Pound Cup of Hot Chocolate Is Here to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Looking for a treat to keep you warm all winter? This giant, 20 pound hot chocolate should do the trick. A fun twist on your favorite winter beverage, the concoction is spiked with tequila. The hot cocoa cocktail—available at PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown in New York City—is topped with giant roasted marshmallows, hand made whipped cream, and is served in an oversized mug. 

If you plan on adding this to your winter bucket list, call your friends. Every single one of them. The giant hot cocoa costs $375 and serves 22 people, coming out to about $15 per person. The drink is available beginning today and until February 14. To see how magical it really is, watch it come to life in the video above. 

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