How to Make the Perfect Halloween Charcuterie Board

Spooky month is in full swing which means it’s time to decorate everything with spiders, cobwebs, and endless purple and orange. Although you may not be able to host your annual Halloween costume party or haunt campus with your friends this year, a Halloween-themed charcuterie board for you and your roomie (or just you, no one’s judging) is the next best thing. 

Sure, charcuterie boards are typically for a meat and cheese spread, but why not spice things up and display all those candy treats, too?

Pastries front and center

First, you have to find the heart of your board. These are the snacks that are easy to fill up on. Try substituting the traditional meat for pastries and cookies. You can bake sugar cookies with almond slivers to look like witch fingers



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Chocolate bites

Think of these as the glue of the board – the element that brings the other snacks together. Pick your favorite chocolate desserts like brownies or Oreos. To give them a fun Halloween twist, try using mini M&M’s to make ghostly faces. 

All the candy corn

These are just board space fillers, so go crazy with some candy corn and candy pumpkins. If you’re not a fan of either try using other creamy or sour candies. 



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Jams and spreads

Nutella is a definite go-to for this one. You can also use marshmallow whip, cookie butter or any other dessert spread!

Gummy candy

Finally, to keep things healthy, find all the seasonal gummy candy treats like vampire teeth and gummy worms. 

Just like that you have your perfect Halloween-themed charcuterie board! Don’t forget to snap a pic and share it with us on Instagram.