ICYMI, Cinnabon Has Cold Brew Now & It’s High-Key The Best I’ve Ever Had

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I stan all things ooey gooey, so you can pretty regularly catch me stopping by Cinnabon at my mall for a shopping treat or taking home a CinnaPack to munch on during Sunday brunch with my friends. I 100 percent support escaping into your cravings, and dare I say that eating a warm, sweet Cinnabon is almost... uplifting?

For all of you out there who’re also in the Cinnabon fan club, I’m super excited to share the latest addition to my order: cold brew iced coffee! Yep, your favorite sweet treat stop is now serving cold brew in cinnamon roll and vanilla flavors, so you can fuel your day with a delicious brew.

If you didn’t already know, cold brew coffee is milder and less acidic than regular pour-over. The tasty flavors Cinnabon offers take cold brew to the next level, making it a perfect pick-me-up before class! I like to pair it with BonBites or the Center of the Roll, but that’s just me, because there’s nothing better in the week than being blissed on cold brew and bons.

Everything I love – Cinnabon and cold brew iced coffee – together at last. The Cinnamon roll flavor tastes exactly like its iconic name, and the vanilla is truly a little sip of heaven in a cup. So, grab your squad, head to your nearest Cinnabon bakery, and celebrate the things that make life sweeter by giving their cold brew a taste!