I Tried a Juice Cleanse & Here's What Happened

Every so often (okay, maybe more like every weekend) I fall off the healthy-eating-working-out bandwagon and succumb to the food-coma-inducing goodness that is pizza and Mexican food. We all know how it goes: you go out with your friends, you drink, you drunk-eat, you’re hungover the next morning so you run to your closest breakfast place and grab a bacon, egg and cheese and the cycle continues.

I’m a sucker for pretty much anything I see on Instagram boasting white teeth, 6-pack abs or flawless skin. So naturally after a long weekend of poor eating and poor choices, when I came across JUS by Julie on a favorite celebrity’s Instagram, and decided I had to buy a juice cleanse. I decided to try out their three-day JUS Cleanse.


Read on for the inside scoop:


8:30 AM – Wake up for work feeling not hungry and SO thankful that I pit-stopped the night before for nachos and guac (which I naturally stuffed my face with). I get ready for the day and head to Dunkin’ Donuts for a black iced Dark Roast (which by the way is totally allowed as long as you don’t add cream or sugar!) before making the 30 minute walk to work.

10:00 AM – Arrive at the office feeling oh-so-fit from my long-ass walk and non-stop playlist of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” I sit down at my desk and crack open my first juice, appropriately titled the Morning Glory. I love green juice so I’m not at all afraid of the taste, especially this one that has a ton of greens plus apples and strawberries.

10:15 AM – Chugged it. And it was damn good. I think I could get into this juicing thing.

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12:30 PM – Head to the fridge to grab juice #2 – the Spicy Lemonade. I’m a hot sauce queen (like with Frank’s, I seriously do put that shit on everything) so I’m stoked for this cayenne-lemon juice-maple syrup combo.

3:00 PM – Breeze through my third juice of the day: another fruity green juice combo called Sweet Spin.

6:45 PM – Head out of work and walk over to CorePower for a Hot Power Fusion class. Peruse #fitspo on Insta to give me some inspiration before working out.

8:30 PM – Open my sixth and final juice of the day with the scariest title of them all: Xtreme Greens. It’s not bad but definitely not my favorite.


9:00 AM – I’m like wicked tired. And it’s only Wednesday. And I might be late for work… *side eye emoji*

10:30 AM – Try to sip on my first juice of the day but I just don’t feel like it. Head to the Keurig instead because coffee > everything.

2:00 PM – It’s halfway through the day and I’m still sipping on juice number one. I’m not hungry at all. Even the catered lunch isn’t making me jealous.

4:00 PM – Finally made it through juices 1 and 2. Totally craving something sweet and wishing I could skip to juice 5, a strawberry-banana-peanut butter combo called PB&JUS.

4:30 PM – I want a nap more than anything in the world right now.

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6:15 PM – Finally I’m walking home (because I’m not quite lazy enough to take the T) and getting immediately into bed with the plan to watch Friends until I pass out.

7:00 PM – This Chia Berry juice is legit amaze. I would drink this every day. However, I’m still in a bad mood and kind of have a headache.

1:00 AM – I wake up and freak out because I think I overslept. Turns out I KO’d mid-juice at about 8. Thank God I didn’t spill any juice on my white comforter.


7:30 AM – Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P.Diddy. Seriously. I feel so good. I woke up before my alarm! I’m shocked considering how much of a slug I felt like yesterday.

9:00 AM – I leave for work early because why not. I listen to “Sorry” again on repeat because also why not.

12:30 PM – Upload an Insta of my juices – pics or it didn’t happen.

6:00 PM – TGIT. Headed home from work to watch How To Get Away With Murder and sip on my final two juices.

7:00 PM – Sidetracked by my roommates. We try to teach ourselves the “Sorry” dance for a good hour. I’m obsessed.

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12:00 AM – Fall asleep and could care less that I actually get to eat food tomorrow. This is so unlike me.


8:15 AM – I wake up feeling totally refreshed, and with a few spicy margaritas to look forward to after work, I’m ready to take on Friday and the weekend.

The bottom line: this is a quick fix for a junk food-binge-eating detox, not a long-term diet solution. Juicing is definitely not for everyone. But I highly recommend trying it out, even if it’s just for one day! You might feel like absolute crap part way through, but once you make it through the hardest part, you actually will enjoy the juicing benefits!