I Tried Apple Cider Vinegar Shots Every Morning For A Week & The Breakfast Game Has Changed

Here's the thing: I genuinely enjoy weird wellness trends. So when I found out that apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots were a thing, I was intrigued, but I still wasn't convinced. After all, who wants to down vinegar, and how do you even drink vinegar to begin with? But then I learned about Ethan's Functional Shots, and the fact that they sell ACV pre-mixed with water (which, you guys, is a must) and alongside juice, which makes it way, way easier of a sell IMO. I like juice, and I like health, and I like cute little tiny bottles.

So I challenged myself to drink one Ethan's ACV shot a day for a week.

Why is apple cider vinegar supposed to be so game-changing?

When talking to people about ACV, you'll probably get a mix of reactions. Some people are truly baffled by the thought of ever drinking it. It is vinegar, after all, and vinegar is not exactly a subtle smell or taste. Other people, though, are head over heels in love with the stuff. They swear by it for weight loss and for energy. 

The truth? It's kind of a mix of both. According to The University of Chicago Medicine, "All in all, the probiotics, acetic acid, and the nutrients in ACV are responsible for its health benefits." And while they say it may have a "modest" impact on weight loss, they recommend that you not "get rid of your gym membership."

If you're going to drink ACV, your best bet is drinking it prior to eating to help you digest more easily. You're not going to drop 10 pounds instantly, but it might help you maintain your weight or lose a few pounds.


Yes, I know, we live in a world of skimming articles, which is why I'm telling you that, in caps. Do not, at all, just drink straight apple cider vinegar. While some celebs might post all over social media about how much they love rolling out of bed and downing an entire bottle of ACV, please don't do this. Celebrities have zillions of dollars, and also doctors and dentists available at the push of a button, and also thousands to drop on new teeth and a new gut. You, I'm assuming, probably don't. 

I got around this by using my handy-dandy reusable straw. I'm obsessed with these things because they let me drink iced coffee on the daily without stressing too hard about my teeth. I've used them for kombucha, and now I'm using them for these adorable little ACV shots. 

The flavors def vary. Here's my ranking:

  • Blueberry. I could drink the Blueberry ACV shot for the rest of my life.
  • Ginger Pineapple. And yes, I am team pineapple pizza. Don't judge me. 
  • Turmeric Apple. Just, hell yes. This felt SO HEALTHY AND GOOD.
  • Tart Cherry. I'm actually not a big cherry person, but this was pretty neutral for me. 
  • Beet. I can live without it. 

Would I do this again?

Um, yes? I'm honestly surprised, but I think I could integrate Ethan's ACV shots just as easily as I integrated kombucha into my daily life. I really loved so many of the flavors, and I found that I looked forward to giving my bod a boost each morning.

The super tiny amount makes it totally drinkable, and there's something nice about pairing a Blueberry ACV shot with a blueberry bagel. Trust me.