A 'Game Of Thrones' Margarita Exists — Here's Where to Get It

You’re not the only one that has been completely transfixed to the screen since Game of Thrones’ epic return. (I mean, talk about all of those reunions.) And we’re not the only ones excited about the season eight premiere, because, in honor of the show, TGI Friday’s has concocted a GOT-inspired DroGo Big ‘Rita.

The restaurant chain announced the new margarita on social media Saturday, writing, “DroGo Big ‘Rita. Night gathers, and now my Friday begins.” You might recognize TGI Friday’s paraphrasing of the opening lines of the oath for the Night’s Watch, “Night gathers, and now my watch begins…”

TGI Friday included a photo of the giant strawberry margarita, which features a heavy-breathing dragon looming in the background. The drink also features the DroGo name, which presumably is a nod to Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa’s character who was married to Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. All around, it’s a very fitting tribute to GOT.

The DroGo Big ‘Rita will join a lineup of cocktails “so big glasses aren’t big enough,” Delish reports. And they really aren’t kidding because the drink, which costs $10, comes with an entire shaker’s worth of booze on the side. We’ll probably need it to survive this season, though.

Delish also reports that the GOT-inspired drink is a spin on TGI Friday’s already famous strawberry margarita which blends gold tequila, triple sec, fresh lime and lemon juice, agave syrup, and strawberry purée. But the DroGo Big ‘Rita is topped with fresh strawberries and lime and has your second pour ready to go.

This isn’t the first GOT-inspired food deal from TGI Friday. According to Bustle, the company introduced the Dragon-Slayer Feast in the U.K., and it featured epic proportions of meats, including a 30-ounce bone-in ribeye, Dragon Fire Hot Wings and ribs and wings combo called The Bucket of Beast Bones. The feast sounds incredible.

Meanwhile, we’ll be celebrating the last season of Game of Thrones with a giant DroGo Big ‘Rita. Cheers!