Dunkin's Newest Menu Item is Just a Bag of Bacon, & It's Genius

I’d like to pose for you a variety of mealtime scenarios and solutions: Breakfast time? Bacon. Snack time? Bacon. Second dinner? Bacon. In a hurry? Bacon. Feeling lazy? Bacon. Whatever the question is, the answer is bacon. Which is why Dunkin’s latest release is undeniably their best yet: a full sleeve of straight-up bacon.

I truly can’t say it any better than the masters themselves: “What’s better than a bag full of bacon?” Literally nothing, and I can’t believe we never thought of this before now. It’s simple, yet groundbreaking–you can roll up to the window at any Dunkin’, ask for an order of bacon, and receive the perfect snack-sized amount, conveniently bundled into a paper bag for easy bacon access! 

Sammi Burke | Her Campus

Your order comes with 8 cherrywood smoked, brown sugar and black pepper seasoned half-pieces and oh, my God. As someone who already spends an unhealthy amount of time at Dunks, I can’t stand it. I want to drown in this bacon.