Collegiette Eats: Egg & Smoked Salmon Scramble

Sick of eating cereal and ramen for lunch and dinner? Want to spend less money eating out and finally start cooking for yourself? Put down that frozen pizza, because HC’s Health Editor, Sammie Levin, is here to share her daily eats so you can get ideas for healthy, satisfying meals that are easy enough for any time-strapped collegiette to make. After you read Collegiette Eats, your taste buds, wallet and waistline will thank you.


The other day, I made strawberry chia seed jam, which is actually so addicting that it's hard to believe it's good for you. Like a true addict, I woke up craving the jam. I added a big scoop to my oatmeal, which was my regular banana almond butter oatmeal with some raspberries mixed in. It was an amazing combination - the warm, hearty oats with the cool, fresh jam and the melty, creamy nut butter was divine (with that fancy of an adjective, you know it must be good). Nice way to start a Monday morning, which was much needed on the first Monday back from break. 


For lunch, I made an egg, veggie and smoked salmon scramble. Smoked salmon, or lox, as my people call it, tastes great mixed in with eggs, on top of toast with smashed avocado or - obviously - on top of a bagel with cream cheese. One serving (which is about half of a package that you get at the supermarket) is only about 90 to 110 calories, and you get a kick of protein with it. It is salty, though, so if you're watching your sodium intake, then eat smoked salmon in moderation. The good thing is that since it's so flavorful, you don't need to add too much salt to your dish anyways. 

I scrambled a half cup of egg whites plus one whole egg in one pan and sautéed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach in other pan at the same time. I then mixed all of it together in a bowl with one serving of smoked salmon. I sprinkled with some salt and pepper, and after a few bites, I ended up drizzling some hot sauce on top for a little bit of heat and extra flavor. This meal took about five to 10 minutes total to prepare and it was filling, thanks to the protein from the eggs and salmon. If I didn't always wake up wanting almond butter, I would make this meal for breakfast, but I liked it for lunch. I read the book The Fault in Our Stars over break, and in the book, the main character argues that eggs should not just be a breakfast food. Amen. 


I needed to stock up on groceries yesterday after returning to an empty fridge from spring break, so my friend and I went to Whole Foods. I am slightly concerned by how excited I get walking into Whole Foods. Sometimes I think I haven't ever experienced true love, and then I walk into Whole Foods and realize I have. Sometimes I think I don't believe in heaven, then I walk into Whole Foods and realize I do. It's just so neat and bright and clean, full of products that make you feel healthy just looking at them. It's hard to not buy everything I lay my eyes on in there, but that would cost 13 trillion dollars, so it's sadly out of the question.

My friend and I got dinner at the salad bar before shopping. I really outdid myself at the salad bar; I couldn't even get the lid to close. But at least going too hard at the salad bar is better for you than going too hard at a real bar? I filled my container with kale; roasted beets, garlic and asparagus; cherry tomatoes; cucumbers; garbanzo beans; green onions and baked tofu. Treat. Yo. Self. Isn't it pretty?! The roasted beets and asparagus look especially beauteous. Vegetables may not compare to dessert when it comes to food porn, but I think they are still pretty photogenic with all of their different colors and textures. 

It's about that time when I have to stop daydreaming about Whole Foods and get to class. Happy pre-Friday, and enjoy your weekend! I know I will - Michigan is celebrating St. Patty's Day on Saturday, which is the only thing alleviating my PSBD (post spring break depression).