Can We Please Talk About this Floating Taco and Cocktail Bar?

There’s an exciting new reason that we’re so ready to escape to the Caribbean this summer, and it involves a whole lot of guac.

The Caribbean’s newest and first-ever floating taco and cocktail bar recently opened in the waters of St. John. Lime Out floats 200 feet off Hansen Bay Beach, and they’ll deliver drive-through-style food to nearby boats, to floaters or swimmers who come across the place, and to kayakers or paddle boarders in the area. There’s even a swim-up, sea-level wooden bar with submerged bar stools for vacationers looking to hang out for a while with a taco and margarita.

Chelsea Baranowski, the co-owner of the new bar, told the Caribbean Journal her husband and the other co-owners “all grew up together in St. John’s Coral Bay and have always wanted to open a business in the area.” The menu features 11 different types of tacos, POPSUGAR reports, including green chicken curry, surf and turf, rum ribs, and citrus-marinated ceviche. 

Not only do the tacos sound amazing, but the floating bars craft cocktail menu also won’t disappoint. It will surely catch your attention and bring you some tropical vibes. Each cocktail is made with fresh-squeezed juice and a specialty liquor, Travel and Leisure reports. For instance, “The Danger” cocktail is made with fresh watermelon juice, lime juice, Thai chili-infused tequila, and pineapple. This literally sounds so refreshing! Other drinks that will be featured on the menu include the Coco Colada and the Harbor Cooler.  

Want to know the best part? According to Travel and Leisure, the entire bar is eco-friendly, using solar-power, biodegradable containers, recyclable cups, and no straws. The employees also regularly clean anything under or around the boat that may have dropped.

If you need us, we’ll be floating around with a taco in one hand and a drink in the other. Cheers!