The Newest Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Was Made For You Binge-Watching Netflix

While it might *technically* be winter, it’s always a good time for ice cream. And I have some great news for you ice cream lovers out there: Ben and Jerry’s just released their first new flavor of 2020: Netflix and Chill’d.

In a partnership with Netflix, the Vermont-based ice cream powerhouse has created the ultimate late night snacker's dream. The treat is made up of peanut butter ice cream mixed with sweet and salty pretzel chunks and chewy fudge brownies—perfect for snacking on while you binge-watch the latest season of The Great British Bake Off.

Ice cream and Netflix really seem like the perfect pair but coming up with the actual flavor wasn’t a simple task.

“We wanted to bring something that was Ben and Jerry’s but that was also Netflix,” ice cream developer (dream job alert!) Natalia Butler said. “I thought about ‘what are the things, when I’m watching Netflix, that I want to have around me. And this is it.” 

Ben and Jerry’s didn’t just stop there. This launch was different because for the first time, they created a dairy and non-dairy version of the same flavor. Great news: I have personally tried the new flavor (both versions!) and can confirm 100% that it is delicious, creamy, sweet AND salty. All that was missing was my TV.