3 Fancy Gadgets Every Coffee Connoisseur Should Upgrade To

I don’t know about you, but I literally cannot function without coffee — it’s truly an amazing thing. Grabbing coffee is the perfect excuse to catch up with friends, get a much-needed boost to power through the week, or simply engage in a little me time.

Whether you find yourself in line at a your local cafe every day or enjoy a cup just once in a while, drinking good coffee is always a treat.

If you’ve been dying to up your game in the coffee world or want to have the most delicious drink at any time of the day, check out these awesome new items from Coffee Gator, AKA my new go-to for feeling chic AF while sipping.

Because as a coffee obsessive, you deserve nothing but the classiest coffee tools, and I personally dig these ones.

1. Vacuum Insulated French Press Coffee Maker

Besides the fact that this might be the chicest coffee maker you’ve ever seen ,this work of art promises a perfect cup every time. What makes it so special is the insulation, which keeps your coffee warm for at least 30 minutes longer. According to the Coffee Gator website, a customer once noted the press is “built like a brick,” which sounds pretty promising. Also, Coffee Gator guarantees a cleaner cup because of its double-layer mesh filter. Who doesn’t like the sound of a clean cup of coffee?

2. Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Built-in Thermometer

Coffee Gator clearly wants its customers to have the best experience making their morning (or anytime) drink, so they created this newly designed kettle that perfects the pour. If you take your beans seriously, this kettle will make them taste as good as you can imagine.

The gooseneck design was made so that the pour is effortless and precise. Also, the temperature gauge makes it impossible to mess up the process, so you don’t have to worry about guessing. Basically, this kettle thinks for you, and what could be better than that?

3. Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

This sleek container would look great on any shelf and it keeps your coffee in prime condition. If you want to get into the science-y part, this canister kills it with your coffee because it expels Co2, while keeping air and light away from your precious beans. Basically, Co2 to coffee is like bad hair on picture day or the stairs at the Oscars to Jennifer Lawrence. The two just don’t mix.

Also, the container has a wheel on it which tracks the expiration date. Seriously, Coffee Gator does all the worrying for you. These three items are perfect for anyone looking for a cup of coffee that is tasty and worthy of the cost, and it def doesn’t hurt that they’re Instagrammable. Coffee Gator guarantees that they never compromise on quality, service or happiness, so why should you?

One of the best parts – if you are a little intimidated by this level of coffee making – is that they even include an eBook with essential tips and steps! So, impress your friends or family with your new expertise and make them the best pick me up before taking on the day. (They don’t have to know how much work and reading went into making that killer, IG-ready cup.)