17 Gifts Any Foodie Will Fancy

We can all appreciate a good meal. But for some, food is more than a means of nourishment and satisfaction—it's a passion. If you're shopping for a foodie, finding the right gift can be intimidating. How can you surprise an eatery expert, rising chef or food photographer who's seen (or tasted) it all? As it turns out, we have some stellar suggestions.

1. Mini Refrigerator (Urban Outfitters, $149)

Every foodie needs to store her stash, and we know where. Retro and perfectly petite, this darling appliance is far superior to any average mini fridge eyesore. Keep food cool and your collegiette cooler with this posh take on a dorm room must-have.

2. Pop Popcorn Taster (Mouth, $40) 

Mouth Foods offers buyers seemingly endless taster opportunities, sending out everything from liquors and coffees, to cheeses, dips, and spreads, to snacks and desserts. So grab your foodie a fixing of American-made indie food based on their specific tastes, in either one-time gift form or through monthly subscriptions. Our pick? This sweet and salty ensemble of popcorn (hint: bacon caramel is one of the mouthwatering flavors). 

3. Festive Floral Apron (Kate Spade, $30)

Any collegiette chef will appreciate a fun and flirty apron. We're all for the floral and feminine look of this vibrant version, designed by fashion girl favorite Kate Spade. 

4. Glitter Pizza Slice Bag (J. Crew, $49.50)

Some may call this chic bag child-sized, but we know better. This pizza-inspired cross-body is full of pizzazz and can easily hold cards, a phone to snapshot eats and enough change for a slice—what more could a girl need? New York Magazine approves, as do we.  

5. Metallic Chopsticks Set (Urban Outfitters, $12)

Know a girl turned on by take-out? Give her a gift that keeps on giving: reusable chopsticks that are ultra-chic. Trust us when we say she'll be dying to show them off—just don't blame us if her Chinese food addiction skyrockets. 

6. The Hungry Student Cookbook (ASOS, $18)

Filled to the brim with budget-friendly recipes and imagery that doubles as foodie eye candy, this cookbook truly delivers when it comes to assisting collegiette chefs. Those pretty pages hold over 170 simple meal options, so you can bet your girl will be set for the semester. 

7. Beer and Pretzel Caramels (Liddabit Sweets, $9)

Novelty nibblers are sure to please the collegiette who has it all. And while you may be skeptical of this out-there taste, reviewers swear by its sweet and savory goodness. As far as we're concerned, a true foodie will be all for these caramel candies.  

8. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle (Uncommon Goods, $15)

Think your foodie is content with sipping on bland, boring water? As if. Luckily, nothing will brighten up a flavor craver's day more than a bring-everywhere bottle of berry- or citrus-infused refreshment. 

9. Cocktail Garden Jar Set (Modern Sprout, $38) 

Modern Sprout has an abundance of herb kits to choose from, ranging from typical kitchen flavors to this cocktail-complimenting pair. But the true draw here is that each garden jar is self-watering (not to mention adorable) so your receiver will have nothing to worry about as they adorn their room with yummy greenery. Anyone with a taste for natural decor and at-home cooking will be head-over-heals. 

10. Set of 9 Instagram Marshmallows (Boomf, $25)

One word: obsessed. Aside from being outrageously one-of-a-kind, these treats give foodies an edible platform to showcase their Instagram food porn (or any other flaunt-worthy imagery). And get ready for some In(stagram)ception, because these squares of fluff are 'Grammable all on their own. 

11. Pizza Wrapping Paper (Gift Couture, $20)

Sometimes, nothing lights a foodie's eyes up more than the sight of a long-awaited food delivery. But if you're convinced that ordering in isn't an adequate gift (we beg to differ), you can still invoke similar excitement. Just get your hands on this mouth-watering wrapping set, complete with two pizza boxes to store your pizza-papered presents. That being said, we can't guarantee that your gift-getter will prefer what's inside over a real pizza. 

12. Vanilla Cake Batter Atmosphere Spray (Demeter Fragrance Library, $14)

Demeter Fragrance Library has an A through Z inventory of any scent you can imagine, with the majority being food-inspired. Each scent comes in perfumes, body lotions, shower gels and massage oils, depending on preference. Of course, we know what you're thinking—even a serious foodie may not enjoy smelling like blackberry pie, basil or birthday cake. That's why the scents come in atmosphere sprays and oil diffusers as well—there's something ultra-comforting about coming home to a dorm room fragrant with a cake batter aroma, especially if baking is your favorite pastime. 

13. TONYMOLY Mini Lip Balm (Urban Outfitters, $10)

Itty-bitty and scented like their respective fruits, these charming lip balms blend two loves into one: beauty and bite-sized eats. In addition, they're all SPF 15, to protect and prep your pout for the important things, like taste-testing. 

14. Make Your Own Bubble Tea (Firebox, $22.59) 

Coffee and tea are before-class staples for many a college student. But your foodie friend has been there, done that, and it's time to up the ante. If you're shopping for a DIY diva, consider this kit, which makes a loveable treat accessible on the daily. And if bubble tea isn't their thing, select another make-your-own option—chili sauces, bacon and even beer cookies are all on the table. 

15. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit (PLANT, $26) 

Dining hall food can be bland, bland, bland. Your foodie will be forever thankful for any opportunity to spice up their on-campus eating experience. Bonus: this comprehensive kit will also work well for anyone entering their first home or apartment. Stocking a kitchen is hard, and they'll be all for the help! 

16. Paws for Celebration Wine Charms (ModCloth, $11.99)

You know those wine-and-cheeses your foodie roomie loves to throw on Thursday nights? They're great, until someone snags your glass by accident. Offer up a gift that'll benefit a host and all of her attendees—these charms are purr-fect for the job. 

17. Premium Tea Party Gift Box (Velvet Lantern, $68)

The meals that matter most are those spent with loved ones. This gift grants your food fanatic the opportunity to share her passion with a group of her classiest gals—lucky you!

Here's to good eats, good friends and great gifts this holiday season.