15 Things Only Girls Who Are Always Thinking About Eating Understand

Food is an essential part of life for many of us—and those of us who love eating understand why. Here are some things only us perpetually hungry girls understand.

1. The first thought we have when we wake up is, "When can I make breakfast?"

2. About 30 minutes after we finish breakfast, we're already looking for a mid-morning snack.

3. We usually eat lunch as early as possible because we're starving.

4. It's a sad, sad moment when lunch is over.

5. When we get home from school/work, we immediately head for the fridge/cabinet.

6. Any diet we've tried probably didn't ended well.

7. We think about what we're going to eat for dinner all day.

8. Drunchies are our biggest enemy (and best friend).

9. We often think about food before anything else (homework, commitments, etc.).

10. When our minds wander, it often looks like this:

11. We'd never even consider leaving leftovers behind (if there even are any).

12. If people touch our food, they're going to get hurt.

13. We may or may not have thought about tacos in sexual ways.

14. Dessert is essential to any good day.

15. The last thing we think about before we fall asleep is what we're going to have for breakfast tomorrow.

No shame, collegiettes. No shame.