15 Reasons Why We Need our Morning Coffee

We're sure you know the exact feeling: you’ve woken up and are trying to function, but it feels like you’re still asleep. The answer: coffee. What would we do without it? Here are the major reasons why we need coffee to kick-start our mornings:

1. So that we make good wardrobe choices.

2. So that we actually make sense when we speak.

3. To make sure that we’re not grumpy all day.

4. To be sure that we don’t fall asleep in class…

5. …and to make sure that we actually learn something in class!

6. Because being a collegiette is hard enough…

7. …and so is being an intern!

8. Because it contains antioxidants, so it’s healthy… right?

9. To give us a little memory boost, because collegiettes have to study hard!

10. Because it makes our gym sessions a little more productive.

11. A coffee mug is a great hand warmer in the winter!

12. Because it makes us a little bit happier, and everyone should be happy in the mornings.

13.  It makes us feel sophisticated.

14. Because tiredness is just not attractive.

15. And let’s be honest, not having morning coffee = not a good morning!