11 Thoughts Every Girl Has Waiting in Line at Starbucks

Whether it’s for your morning coffee run or during a late-night study sesh, everyone knows Starbucks is the bae of all coffee shops. However, we always seem to run into the same situation every time we go to get our fix. Here are the thoughts we have while waiting in line at Starbucks.

1. Need. Caffeine. Now.

2. Is this the line to order coffee or plasma screen TVs at Best Buy on Black Friday?

3. Did I miss the memo that today’s uniform was UGGs, leggings and a North Face parka?

4. Why is a “Tall” a small? Does no one else find that confusing?

5. I don’t think this line has moved at all.

6. Why am I even spending this much money on coffee?

7. If I get my drink skinny, I can still get whipped cream, right?

8. I don’t even care; I’m asking for caramel, too.

9. Did they just call mine?

10. Since when is there a Y in my name?

11. Mmmm. So worth it. Time to get sh*t done.

Love it or hate it, we suffer through the line, grab our drink of choice and sip the nectar of the Starbucks heavens. It may be #basic, but we're too busy enjoying our Starbucks to care.