Figure Out Your Career Path With Self-Directed Search

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Do you know what you want to do after graduation yet, collegiettes? Picking your career path is never easy – in fact, an estimated 80 percent of students change their majors at least once, and most will change majors at least three times before they graduate!

Instead of allowing you to waste time and money on classes that end up being irrelevant to your major, Self-Directed Search wants to help you find your passions. For only $9.95, the SDS can provide you with a list of fields of study that suit your personality and will help you find an educational focus. 

This easy-to-complete, 20-minute test asks about your interests, aspirations and skills, providing you with a report instantly at the end of the exam. The report includes a three-letter Summary Code that represents the three personality types that best describe your work personality, a list of occupations that correspond to the code (along with the levels of education they each require), a list of fields of study that correspond to the code, a list of leisure activities that correspond to the code, a description of each of the six RIASEC (career personality) types and guidance on appropriate next steps, as well as the meaning of the code and how to further use the code.

Whether you’re still in high school or already in college, the SDS serves as a low-cost, easy-to-use career interest inventory that will help you find a focus, find a path and find your future.

What are you waiting for, collegiettes? Take the test today!