If Your Dorm Doesn't Have a Neon Sign Is It Even A Dorm?

There’s just something so happy about a bright, colorful neon sign—especially when they're flashing with your favorite girl boss mantra. The signs are all over social media right now, and I don't know, but I think I need to completely revamp my apartment situation with one. While they tend to be a little pricey, they're certainly worth the investment, especially if you want everyone taking pictures of your space as soon as they walk through the door. Below are my favorite picks on a budget, from grungy to femme and chic. Cheers to you and your new neon sign:

1. Girl boss sign

Girl Boss Neon Sign by The Oliver Gal Artist Co., Available at Urban Outfitters, $329; Shop Now

If you’re aiming for a modern industrial look, definitely go for this design created by a girl boss duo themselves, The Oliver Gal Artist Co. They’re from my neck of the woods — hi South Florida — and according to their bio, “(they) capture life's most haute moments.” They have more than forty neon signs so you will certainly find what you didn't know you needed. This Girl Boss sign is everything, but at $329, it might be worth splitting with your roommates. 

2. Besos sign

Besos Neon Sign by The Oliver Gal Artist Co., $259; Shop now

If you want to create a more dreamy and sultry vibe, go for this light red, cursive “besos” sign. If it’s the only light on in your room, your room will feel whimsical and quite visionary. Also created by the Oliver Gals, this sign will take your space to the next level.

3. Pink flamingo sign

Pink Flamingo Neon Sign by Amped & Co., Available on Amazon, $59.99; Shop Now

If you’re ballin’ on a budget and just want to add a small, colorful accent to your bedside table, go with this cute flamingo that will keep you company! Fair warning: Be careful not to knock it over because it will shatter into a million pieces. This is coming from me, a previous owner of a cute, flamingo, neon sign that I might have accidentally dropped on the ground.