The Cute AF Stationery Items You Need for Back to School

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College is the perfect time to become obsessed with stationery. Between the endless options for notebooks, colored pens and desk organizers, it can be hard to resist this obsession. Because I am a writer, I already had this bug early in the game where buying new notebooks, even if I didn't need them, brought me tremendous comfort.

Stationery is absolutely key for any student out there. I've recommended a few of my favorite must-have items that will help you feel just a little bit more like you have your life together (because we all need to feel that way from time to time). School is hard, so why not make it a little bit easier (and cuter) with some trendy notepads and knick-knacks? #signmeup.

Laptop sleeve

For the longest time, I didn’t have a computer case and I regret it. I want to make sure my laptop is protected from any dirt or from getting scuffed up (because who wants that in their life)? Even on my clumsiest days, I can rest knowing that my laptop will survive in the safety of this sleeve.

Notepads on notepads

If you like to think frantically, consider getting a notepad for your desk where you can jot down all your thoughts right when you think of them. My thoughts can really distract me, so writing it down helps me to clear my mind and remember it in the future.

A padfolio

I can make lists like it is my job, so this comes in handy. I love using this padfolio during my day. It's perfect for when I want to make a list before I organize it all in my planner or when I want to write down my ideas for an assignment before I get started. 

Cute mug for pens

Mugs are not just for drinking: they can also be for decor. I am not a huge fan of pencil holders, so when I saw a mug being used for pen storage, I thought it was the cutest thing. Best of all, you can always use it for several other purposes (like filling it with thumbtacks or normally sipping some coffee).

File folder

This is a great way to keep everything in place. If you like to organize, I recommend getting one with a bunch of cute file tabs. You can use these for just about every aspect of your life, from juggling student organizations to having your own personal documents in a safe spot. 

Classy scissors

This one speaks for itself. Having your scissors and stapler match is all the more power to you. But either way, having cute scissors will definitely be a plus. I like to keep my scissors in my mug with all of my pens for extra organization.

Phone sticker pocket

This item is a must for any college student. Instead of always having to dig through your wallet to get into your dorm or buy something from the store, it is so much easier to just have your student ID close and ready for anything. 

I hope you feel prepared to take on the school year, equipped with the most functional and fun stationery pieces. There's no better feeling than being organized and on the top of your game. Good luck!

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