BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: 11 Products Our Editors Are Loving This Spring

April is here, and lately, I’ve been in the mood to treat myself to some new self-care items. As part of our Buy It Now Or Cry Later series, we’re sharing our favorite spring must-haves, from elegant gold jewelry to dazzling makeup and everything in between. If you’re ready to look good and feel good this spring, we’ve got you covered. Here are eleven amazing products Her Campus editors are loving this month:

  1. I’ve only been using this cleanser for a couple of days, but I’m already sold. It's SO hard for me to wake myself up in the morning, and the moment I start massaging this cleanser into my face, I feel refreshed all around. -Sammi

    Ulta Beauty, $19; shop now

  2. I’ve been looking for a new go-to foundation for a while now, and I finally found my match. I’m obsessed with the easy-to-apply blurred finish of this one from Fenty. It’s available in 25 different shades and leaves me feeling like a total queen. -Madeleine

    Fenty Beauty, $29.50; shop now

  3. My makeup routine currently looks a lot different than it did 12 months ago. I’m leaning more into the no-makeup makeup look now, and this eyeshadow palette from the newly released Coach x Sephora collection is the perfect palette for me. The shades are creamy and buildable so you can really achieve any look you’re going for. -Maddie

    Sephora, $38; shop now

  4. Elyse Jewelry is one of my all-time favorite small businesses, and you can tell this Asian-owned brand makes every piece with lots of love and intention. Their handcrafted 18k gold-plated jewelry is elegant, unique, and super reasonably priced! I recently snagged the Sierra earrings and Camila necklace, both of which have been the perfect addition to all of my WFH outfits. -Tianna

    Elyse Jewelry, $25; shop now

  5. With graduation photos on the horizon, I figured it was finally time to splurge on some nice makeup brushes instead of the cheap ones I’ve been using for the last couple of years. The name of this line does not lie — they’re so soft it’s actually heavenly. I bought the Wand Ball Powder Brush and French Boutique Blush Brush and both have given me the airbrushed, non-cakey complexion of my dreams. Grad pics, here I come! -Erica

    It Cosmetics, $36-$48; shop now

  6. When I’m stressed, nothing helps me chill out like a bubble bath. I have super sensitive skin that gets easily irritated, which is why I love this product that is free from harmful chemicals. The lavender scent is my go-to that I always have stocked under my sink. -Madeleine

    The Honest Company, $11.99; shop now

  7. Not to be dramatic, but this product has saved me hundreds of dollars on my hair (highlights were a great idea until my strands turned yellow and brassy during quarantine)! This at-home, in-shower gloss from Kristin Ess is a lifesaver, adding shine, dimension, and vibrancy without spending a fortune on a salon visit (it’s literally $14). As a natural brunette, I use Chocolate Cosmo, but there are many shades to match your hair type, shade, and goals. -Tianna

    Target, $14; shop now

  8. This deodorant is superior to any other I’ve tried in terms of scent, feel, and effectiveness. It has a fresh lemony scent, glides on with a ball-shaped roller, and works better than any other I’ve used, including ones with aluminum. It also comes in an adorable travel size for your purse! -Stephanie

    Hint, $10.99; shop now

  9. I recently moved into a teensy tiny studio apartment where both counter and storage space are extremely scarce. I bought this little cart because it looks great with literally any decor choices, comes on wheels, and can hold magazines, extra snacks, or even a couple of my potted plants without making my space look cluttered. Plus, you really can’t beat the price. -Erica

    IKEA, $29.99; shop now

  10. I’m obsessed with my tie-dye water bottle from Welly. The bottom portion is made from renewable bamboo, making it doubly sustainable, and it comes with a removable infuser in case you wanted to throw a tea packet or fruit in there! It goes pretty much everywhere with me. -Sammi

    Welly, $33; shop now

  11. As the warm weather starts to roll in, it’s time to swap the long sleeve workout shirts for tank tops. This racerback from Forever 21 is a great dupe for the popular Lululemon one for a fraction of the cost. It’s fitted so everything stays in place when you’re moving but still comfortable enough to wear even if you aren’t hitting the gym. The best part? It’s only $10. -Maddie

    Forever 21, $9.99; shop now

It’s going to take all of my willpower to not add *all* of these goodies to my cart. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing bubbling bath, a new makeup routine, or an energizing workout this spring, there’s something for you on this list. Happy April, and let us know what products you’re loving this month!

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