BUY IT NOW, OR CRY LATER: Gold-Trimmed Sunnies, Oat Milk, & Other Cool Girl Essentials We're Shopping RN

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Meet Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of cute, chic, funny, or just truly essential things our editors are buying right now. Because we like to shop, and you like to shop, so let's shop together, shall we? RIP to our bank accounts.

  1. Like “the pants” from The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, these sunglasses look good on literally everyone. I wear them on my commute, I wear them to drink on rooftop bars, I don’t jog but my roommate does and she wears them to do that. – Holly Rhue, Branded Content Editor

  2. To go along with my current aesthetic of dressing like a super trendy tween (re: my colorful hair clips), I've been adding these clear elastics *everywhere* in my hair as of lately. From tying up my messy double french braids, to adding them to two small sections at the front of my hair for a ~ cute factor ~, these hair elastics have been my everything. Although this is a product literally meant to be invisible, I credit them for taking me to that next level on-trend tween look. – Felicity, Assistant Editor

  3. I’ve been seeing every influencer post this new Essie color on Instagram for like a solid month, and I had to hunt this down to find one available in Boston that wasn’t sold out. This is officially the coolest polish color I’ve ever used. It makes me feel like that photo of 1997 young Reece Witherspoon wearing a choker and baby blue tank top with no bra. I cannot recommend this enough if you want a manicure that makes you feel invincible. – Gina Escandon, Beauty Editor

  4. I could write an ESSAY about how freaking amazing oat milk is. I know oat milk is kind of a meme, but like, whole milk is really shaking. Oat milk is the creamy, delicious friend we all deserve. The sister everybody would want. I don't know a better plant-based milk. I've been drinking $5 oat milk lattes daily lately, and yes, my credit card isn't okay, thanks for asking. Try oat milk and you'll just get it, okay? – Felicity, Assistant Editor

  5. I resisted getting one of these liners for soooo long, but I finally caved and got this pencil in the shade “early girl.” I recently dyed my hair blonde, and this yummy eggshell blue blends so well with the platinum color of my hair. Plus the application is way more buttery and smooth than I was expecting, so I literally already ordered my shades and am beginning my obsession. – Gina Escandon, Beauty Editor

  6. When it's warm outside, I notice two things: I want a super fast skincare routine so I can get out and into the sunshine, and I also want to put more effort into my skin. Seems impossible, right? Not with multi-use products like this body oil from L:a Bruket. It's made with sage, rosemary and lavender, so it makes me smell truly delightful, and it also makes my arms and legs and back (happy bodysuit szn) as glowy as my face. An ideal situation. – Rachel Lewis, Senior Editor

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