The Best Dorm Posters for Your Personality

Getting ready to head back to school? Spice up your new dorm room with a few of our favorite posters! Surrounded by your favorite icons, relaxing scenes, and inspirational quotes, you’ll start to feel at home in your dorm room in no time.

For the Pop Culture Lover

Know all the lines to Mean Girls by heart? Always updated on the latest celebrity happenings? Been following Pretty Little Liars and Breaking Bad since the first season? Here are some quintessential pop culture posters to keep your room lively and entertaining even through finals week. 

For all you film buffs, what's not to love about this classic scene from Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson? $8.99 at

This Andy Warhol-inspired chimp print is just too adorable to pass up! $8.99 on

Stay inspired with this Audrey Hepburn quote. As a celebrated actress and dedicated philanthropist, she's definitely someone to look up to! $11.99 on


For the Academic

Looking forward to hitting the books for your senior thesis? Can't wait to soak up the words of wisdom of your favorite professor or delve into a triple-major course load?  Check out a few of these posters to keep you motivated through those long, caffeine-fueled nights. 

Yet another college classic is the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Coined by the British, this is good reminder for any busy collegiette who’s feeling stressed. $9.98 on 

Any computer science majors out there? This nerdy poster is perfect for lightening the mood when you just can't get that program to work. $11.65 on Zazzle.

How great would it be to earn an office with a view like this after graduation? Keep hope alive whether you're on a metropolitan campus or out in the mountains. $8.99 on

Whether or not you're a math major, take comfort in wisdom from one of the greatest minds in human history. $12.99 on


For the Artist

Excited to explore that new gallery at the art museum near campus and take a studio art elective? Can't wait to check out a jazz club or attend the next indie music festival? Surround yourself with these posters to keep your creative inspiration up all year long! 

This minimalistic poster couples visual appeal with an inspirational message! $4 on Etsy

First a quote from Matisse, and now we have van Gogh, speaking through one of his most iconic paintings. $8.99 on

A few more motivational words to keep the creative juices flowing! $8.99 on

Displaying Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” in your room is a great way to show off both your artistic and your romantic sides! $12.99 on