Quit Biting Your Quarantine Nails, Because Free Mobile Mani-Pedis Could be Coming to Your City

Social media influencer and Drink Babe co-founder Josh Ostrovsky, otherwise known online as “The Fat Jew”, just launched a new way to pamper yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I've never missed the ability to travel more. 

Ostrovsky and fellow Drink Babe founders Tanner and David Oliver Cohen are putting mobile manicure trucks on the ground to fix up your nails for free, while keeping yourself and your nail artists safe from the Coronavirus. Originally launched in Williamsburg, New York, its popularity in the Brooklyn area led the group to expand their operation. While there is no formal schedule or list of locations yet, the group posted that you'll soon be able to find the truck in “cities across America”, though don’t expect to see it in Florida. Referring to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, Ostrovsky told the state to “get your f*cking sh*t together,” and tbh, I can't blame him. 


At the truck, patrons place their hands inside holes in a plexiglass window, or as Ostrovsky enthusiastically put it, “...A GLORY HOLE FOR YOUR HANDS.” On the other side of the window, nail technicians, equipped with masks and protective gear, will fix up your nails and paint them either pink, blue or red, inspired by the designs of Babe Wines.

For those in need of a pedicure as well, the truck will soon be offering that option. Ostrovsky recognized the necessity, posting, “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT YOU PEOPLE’S FEET LOOK LIKE. YIKES.”

With many nail salons across the country closed since March, the “socially distanced mani truck extravaganza” provides a free and safe way to get the mani moment you’ve been waiting for. Just don't forget to wear your mask!