'Anything Involving Chick-fil-A' & Other Love Languages That Speak to The HC Team's Hearts

According to the Internet, we all have a preferred way of loving and receiving love. Often referred to as love languages, we all supposedly love to love in unique ways. Not to get, like, super cheesy or anything, but isn't that kind of beautiful?

So, during our weekly Office Chit Chat, I asked the team what their unofficial love languages are. You know, not the formal "words of affirmation" and "physical touch" love languages, but the "BFF buying me a chocolate pastry when I've had a sh*tty morning" love languages. Naturally, the HC team had some thoughts. Here's how to win over our hearts:

"My love language is when they wait to watch the next episode of the Netflix series you're bingeing together." — Stephanie

"Surprise food is definitely my love language. I love when someone brings me coffee or a donut to the office in the morning, or when I get home and see that my roommate decided to bake cookies for the house. I love it, it's just the *best* surprise." — Gina

"My love language is giving gifts. Whether that's a Venmo for coffee or something small when I see them for the first time in a while. I just like to show my friends I appreciate and love them." — Kayla

"Anything with Chick-fil-A." — Laryn

"Facetiming friends is my love language. Even if we both have each other on pause, scrolling through twitter aimlessly in silence, we're doing it together and it's still super nice." — Felicity

No matter what your official or unofficial love language is, I think we can all agree that surprise food is the easiest way to fall in love with someone. This Valentine's Day, we'd be down for a hug or maybe some flowers, but what we really want is a loyal Netflix partner.

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