8 Candles That Will Make You Feel Better Immediately

While candles make a space look infinitely prettier, they are far more than just decor—they help soothe us. The gentle, mesmerizing quality of their light is calming, making them the perfect aid for relaxation time. Additionally, scented candles transform our mood, and can even transport us to other places. Below I’ve rounded up eight candles that will make you feel better right now.

  1. 1. A candle that’ll take you to paradise:

    It’s no secret that we all wish we could be out enjoying our spring break. However, this Island Daydream candle will instantly transport you to your dream tropical destination. 

    Shop Now: $14.50; bathandbodyworks.com

  2. 2. A candle for when you’re homesick:

    It’s perfectly normal to feel homesick. Thankfully, this Homesick candle will make you feel like you’re home regardless of where you are. 

    Shop Now: $29.95; homesick.com

  3. 3. A candle that’ll renew your spirits:

    Sometimes we just need a chance to start anew. This Renew and Refresh candle will give your space a fresh start. 

    Shop Now: $14.50; bathandbodyworks.com

  4. 4. A candle that smells just like grandma’s kitchen:

    There’s always something so comforting about grandma’s cooking. This Grandma’s Kitchen candle will have you reminiscing about all of her delicious treats. 

    Shop Now: $29.95; homesick.com

  5. 5. A candle for when you want to enjoy the outdoors:

    While staying in is the new going out, you can enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors with this Blue Orchard Skies candle

    Shop Now: $14.50; bathandbodyworks.com

  6. 6. A candle for when you need a hug:

    Sometimes you just need a good hug to make you feel better. The aroma of this Comfort candle will wrap you up in a cozy embrace.  

    Shop Now: $14.50; bathandbodyworks.com

  7. 7. A candle for when you miss happy hour with friends:

    Since we’re all staying in more, you may not be able to see your friends as much as you’d like. This Sunshine Spritz candle will make you feel like you’re enjoying a delicious sparkling spritz at brunch with your besties. 

    Shop Now: $29.95; homesick.com

  8. 8. A candle for when you want your house to smell like a bakery:

    There’s nothing better than when your whole house smells like freshly baked cookies. This Frosted Sugar Cookie candle will instantly lift your spirits—and make you crave some sugar cookies. 

    Shop Now: $14.50; bathandbodyworks.com

I hope you enjoy these candles and that they bring you some comfort. 💗