7 Life Hacks Every Busy Girl Should Know

For those mornings when nothing is going right and your busy life is getting ahead of you, these life hacks will come in handy. You'll be able to manage your schedule a lot easier with these tips and tricks in your arsenal.

1. Dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt

We all know how time consuming blow drying your hair can be, and towel drying leaves your hair way too frizzy. The cotton T-shirt method absorbs more water from your hair than a towel, and it prevents frizziness. 

2. Use your flat iron as an iron 

There is never any time in the morning to plug in the iron and take out the ironing board. Your flat iron is most likely already plugged in and can easily be used to take out any wrinkles—after you do your hair, of course.

3. Break in your work flats in under 5 minutes

A new pair of flats is perfect for that summer job; however, the typical busy girl does not have time to break them in. And she is trying to avoid blisters at all costs. This hack will have your new flats broken in and ready to wear in under five minutes. 

4. Quickly chill a bottle of wine…or any other beverage

Guests coming over in five and none of your drinks are chilled? No worries, this hack has you covered for all your big events!

5. Plan your day out with this cute planner

Day planners are a busy girl's best friend. This planner is so cute because it is a DIY—meaning you can customize it any way you'd like. There is no chance anyone will have the same planner as you.

6. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep

This is so important. We have all had that moment when our busy schedules take time away from us sitting and having a meal during the day. Every busy girl needs a proper three meals a day, and making yours ahead of time is going to save you a minute to actually eat them.

7. Learn to take a breath 

The best hack for when life gets busy and you feel like you have no control is to take a deep breath. Breathing helps relax the mind, and it is super helpful for when your schedule gets busy.