5 Things to Treat Your Pet with During Quarantine

Throughout the course of your lifetime, you’ll have one true BFF. This friend sits by your side during the holidays each year, patiently watching as you rip open your presents. This friend cuddles with you as you endure a breakup. This friend awaits your return every time you leave the house, even if it's for only a few hours. They are the epitome of what a best friend should be. Who is this friend, you may ask? Your pet, of course.

By now, our pets are probably stumped as to why we're home all of the time. It’s unlikely they’re angry that we’re home so much more nowadays, but they’re probably wishing for more entertainment than we are providing them during this dreary era. If you’re wondering how to give your dog the best life (that they definitely deserve) while quarantined, here are several products to present them with to prove your love–and to remind them when it's all over that you still love them, even though you're back to leaving them. 

Casper Dog Bed


Okay, hear me out. If ever there’s a period when humans and animals will want to be in a comfortable bed, it’s now. There’s not much we can do, but if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that we (pets included) will be spending more time in bed than before. Invest in a cozy Casper Dog Bed–this luxurious bed also features raised walls for all of the head-resting your dog is bound to do. Life is too short to not give your dog the finest bed possible when he or she is quarantined, and sleeping those extra hours.

PetFusion Infinity Scratcher



When it comes to cats, there’s one thing you can’t avoid: scratching. It’s their natural instinct to scratch your stuff, no matter how much you prize an item. Now is the time to purchase your kitty cat a nice scratcher, that he or she can also lounge in when they are worn out from all of that scratching. Why is this necessary during quarantine? Picture this: your cat is an attention whore. You're at home more than ever, but you're still not giving your cat the attention it wants, so it scratches up your favorite Michael Kors bag for revenge. Now wouldn’t it be nice if your furry friend had something more suitable to take out their attention-lacking frustration on?

Nylabone DuraChew Chicken & Bison Flavored Chews


Few things make a dog as happy as just a plain ‘ol bone. If you want to up your game–and keep your pup from begging to play with you a little longer–get him or her these flavored bone toys. Not only will this toy make your dog love you for giving them something that tastes scrumptious and will occupy them most of the day, it also forms bristles that help clean and freshen their breath. Um, yes PLEASE.

Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo


In any good feline life, there are things to scratch, places to hide, and toys to play with… unless they’re just lazy, which is a lot of cats (and humans these days). Like almost any being–especially while we are repeatedly stuck in the same setting–we all need some entertainment, and this tree is purr-fect for your cat. Just because you’re bored during the quarantine, doesn’t mean your cat has to be.

KONG Dog Toy


Even better than bones, even better than treats, is the KONG Classic Dog Toy. You know how your dog thinks chewing toys is incredible, playing fetch is amazing, and eating, well, pretty much anything is phenomenal? They aren’t very difficult to please…at all. This KONG rubber dog toy makes for the most superlative entertainment during not only the quarantine, but forever. You can stuff the toy with peanut butter, dog food, or whatever it is your dog enjoys devouring, and let them go to town trying to lick it all out. Even if it doesn’t have food inside, your dog will still enjoy chewing on it or playing fetch with the toy. All that matters is that you buy your dog a toy that you have to do basically nothing with to receive the best gift of all – endless puppy gratitude.


So, what it all comes down to is this: it doesn’t matter if you are bored at home. Your happiness isn’t as adorable as your pet’s (sorry, truth hurts). Make them cheerful during this hard time and things will at least seem to be a little better.

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