5 Must-Have Items for Your Off-Campus Apartment

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Junior year just started, and that means that I have graduated from the dorms. It also means that I am my own roommate, and my room does not have a built-in fridge, desk, or bed for me. In these last couple of weeks, I’ve found there are different room essentials required once you get your own space.

I’m learning quickly that dorm life is very different from off-campus life — having your own room in college is a new thing, considering I was so used to living with people. At first I didn’t know what I would need in my room, because I certainly was not used to having that much space to myself at school. But after a couple weeks, I’ve been able to compile a list of everything you need in your off-campus apartment

So whether you moved in recently but feel like you’re forgetting something, or you’re seeking inspo, check out these room essentials for your own college space.

1. Nightstand

In the dorms, you can get away with not having a nightstand, and there is barely any space for it. But in your own room, you certainly can have one. I have my books stacked on top, along with some flowers, a lamp, and some pens to annotate my books. 

2. Desk

I brought this desk from home, and it has been a great addition to the room. For college, I would recommend bringing furniture from home or buying some from a friend who is graduating. I use this desk for doing schoolwork and getting ready.

3. Cart for all your junk items

These Ikea-inspired carts are a gift from above. You know that one drawer at home where you stuff everything that doesn’t have a place? That’s the purpose this piece serves (but in a more organized way). I fit all my folders on the top shelf, books in the middle, and school supplies on the bottom. I also recommend putting your cart next to your desk for easy access.

4. Cute bedding

I got this bedding in celebration of graduating from the dorm-twin-bed. I love having a white one because it makes the room feel airy and bright. Sometimes I feel like I am falling asleep in a big, puffy cloud – and that is quite a wonderful feeling.

5. Curtains

It’s wonderful to have some real-looking windows when you have your own room. Gone are the days of sharing one small window for a dark dorm room. And if your shades let light through, I recommend getting blackout curtains so you can sleep at night.

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