5 Adorable Gifts Under $15 For Your Sleepiest Friend

As the holidays approach, it's time to figure out what to get everyone. It's easy to get your friends gifts based on personalities because you know it's something they’ll love. Every friend group has the sleepy friend, and it my friend group it just so happens to be me. So, what do you get your sleepiest friend? I compiled a list of gifts for people who love sleep for ya.

Too, because we understand the reality of being broke in college (coming from a broke college girl like me!) we found our faves under $15. I love to give gifts but, unfortunately, cannot splurge on my girls like I would like to. That's where this handy list of affordable, pro-sleep gifts comes in. 

1. Never Stop Dreaming Silk Sleep Mask ($10)

Little bit of sleepy little bit of diva. Sleep masks are perfect for your sleepy friend with a little bit of sas. This one also encourages her to never stop dreaming. She can take that literally or figuratively (or both). This mask also comes in two colors of only $10.

2. Day Napping Sticker ($4)

This is for your friend that much rather take a nap than day drink. Why wake up hungover when you could wake up refreshed AF? Plus, the sticker will all make sense on her laptop when people see her dozing off in class. 

3. Sleepy Sticker Set ($8)

Why get her one sticker when you can get three? We love a decorated laptop or water bottle, and these super cute stickers make the perfect lazy girl accessory. 

4. In My Dreams I’m Asleep Compact Mirror ($6)

Bags under her eyes? Never. Daydreaming in the mirror? Always.

5. Sleepy Girls Temporary Tattoos ($8)

Show true dedication to all things sleep with this set of sleep-themed tattoos, aka a true Insta-ready essential. 

Now, to see if we can ~wake her up~ to receive her gifts!