The Motorola Razr is Back, Baby, & it'll Have You Reliving the Early 2000s in No Time

Close your eyes and imagine yourself back into the early 2000s, because it’s time to party like it’s 2005. The phone of the decade is back – remember when everybody else would seeth with jealousy over those rare owners? – but will the 14 year old girls of today be as obsessed as they were 15 years ago? The new and improved Motorola Razr has moved on from its classic hot pink shade and shifted to a new rose gold toned offering – much more on brand for the year 2020 – and is the first flippable smart phone, bringing together the nostalgia of the early 2000’s fad with modern technology. 

The minds behind the new smart phone hope for the Razr to become “part phone, part fashion accessory,” due to its sleek metallic colors—offered in Noir Black in addition to Blush Gold—and theme customizations, which allow you to change the different icons, fonts and colors that make up your screen. Straying from the typical glass backing of most smartphones, or even the chunky metal of the original Razr, this new iteration has a plastic backing and claims to be shatterproof, so in theory one should still be able to slam it shut aggressively in the ultimate flashy power move!

Like this, but in reverse.

Plus, gone are the days of having to pay insane fees just for accidentally clicking the internet button; running on the new Android 10 operating system, the phone is up-to-date, quick, packed with 128GB of storage, and available exclusively through a Verizon data plan. 

While the phone has obviously made some updates to bring it up to par with current technology, Motorola knows what the people want, so they've included an option to go into “Retro Razr Mode," which emulates the user interface of the original Razr. They even included the old boot-up tone to boost the nostalgic appeal, so you can be sure to catch me (if I had one) restarting it over and over.  

However, the new Razr does come with a much larger price tag of $1,499, higher than the newest iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. Tragically, I'll have to pass on this one - but if you're a sucker for the old days, it could be worth it.