17 Things Only People Who Live For Napping Will Understand

The ultimate pastime, napping is not only one of the best, but laziest art forms of all time. Whether you are trying to sneak in that 1-hour shuteye between morning and afternoon classes, or if you are cozying up after a long day of school and work—napping is a priority in your everyday life. Obviously there are extreme health benefits to napping throughout the day and letting your body recharge (when you just aren’t in the mood to down two, three or four cups of coffee) but napping is good for the soul and it is those who consider their rests to be essential to their day, that know one nap could mean the difference between being sufferable in sociology and pumped in psychology!

1. A napping emoji is seriously needed

2. Anticipating your regularly scheduled program of pillow perfection is always at an all-time high

3. Coffee is for amateur energy-risers—naps are incredibly necessary to receive the peak of energy

4. Hot cocoa and/or tea will always win over coffee

5. Not finding time for a nap will always be the saddest

6. Going to sleep is easy part—waking up is the worst

7. Sleeping until mid-afternoon on the weekends is absolutely normal

8. For some, your bed is the only Valentine you need

9. …. It’s cozy….

10. …Keeps you warm at night…

11. And it’s all yours

12. But for others, napping doesn’t necessarily have to take place in your bed

13. How else are all-nighters supposed to happen?

14. Unfortunately eating breakfast only happens once or twice… on a good week

15. Your favorite smell is fresh cotton linen

16. Cats are your spirit animals…

17. ….because they love to nap, too.