17 Signs You Go to College in Southern California

Whether you were born under the sunshine of Southern California or you were drawn to its laid-back lifestyle, going to school in SoCal is definitely a unique experience. You’ll definitely relate to this if you go to school in the southern half of the Golden State.

1. You've worn Rainbow sandals and UGG boots in the same day. Actually, you do this most days.

You can’t help it if the weather is always changing.

2. You've gone to the beach in January, and you definitely got a tan.


3. No outfit is complete without lululemon leggings and oversized sunglasses.

Just to be clear, leggings ARE pants. Besides, you look darn good in them.

4. Preppy clothing is a mystery to you.

Lilly who?

5. Frat boys at your school are bro tank aficionados and spend most of their free time in the weight room at the gym.

Do you even lift, bro?

6. You've met at least one celebrity around campus.

Just kidding, you were totally cool about it. Kind of.

7. You can’t remember the last time you said a sentence without “dude.”

It helps you make a point.

8. If you're not a native, you took "that's so sick" completely the wrong way the first time you heard it.


But now you say it all the time.

9. You consider yourself a world-class burrito expert.

10. And In-N-Out is your go-to after midnight.

Nobody messes with your late-night animal-style cheeseburger.

11. But the next day, you feel terrible about yourself, so you stock up on kale and goji berries.

But your new lifestyle has you like,

12. You turn to yogalates instead.

It’s fun to say. Oh, and it’s, like, good for you and stuff.

13. The use of “hella” is a valid reason to deny someone your friendship.

No, it’s not superficial.

14. Rain will be featured on local news, as will temperatures below 50 degrees.

This weather is not what you signed up for.

15. Your road rage gets a little bit ridiculous.

The freeway is your worst nightmare.

16. You go to Palm Springs for the weekend, Santa Barbara for Halloween and Cabo for spring break.


Where else would you go?

17. The lyrics to “California Gurls” ring so true to you.

After all, SoCal girls are tan, fit, fun and chill—the total package.

Most days you can’t even believe how lucky you are to go to school in such a perfect place. Do you really have to graduate?