16 Things All History Majors Will Understand

History majors are without a doubt a specific breed. It involves a lot of writing, memorizing... and don't even get us started on reading. If you're down to discuss the Civil War over brunch, or can relate to any of the following, you might be a history major. 

1. Dates are important to remember, but that doesn’t mean you don’t forget plans

Yeah, the Civil War ended on May 9, 1865. But are you sure we had plans tonight?

2. You judge historical fiction to an annoying degree

Okay but like can we talk about Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Accurate AF. 

3. You’ve become a master of skimming your readings

12 books in a quarter? Fine, show me the glossaries.

4. History professors are second only to literature professors in terms of wildness

5. Chronology is a huge part of your life

6. You don’t sell your books back to the bookstore

What’s more satisfying than a shelf full of written-in history texts?

7. On certain topics, your knowledge is limited to 4-5 sentences

ID tests, you know?

8. There’s nothing you love more than when people ask, “So, like… What are you gonna do with your degree?”

Bonus points if they ask if you want to be a teacher or a museum curator or something.

9. You can easily pump out a ten page paper in a night or two

With the help of your friends caffeine and extreme stress, of course

10. People assume you know when and how everything started

And every time, you have to ask them: Why would I have any idea when people started breeding plums and apricots together?!

11. Literally anything is arguable

Sure, that’s what your high school textbook says… But check out this book, and that book, and like all fifteen of these primary sources.

12. You love being able to focus your term papers on the randomest stuff

10 pages on the invention of candy corn in 1898? You got it.

13. You can’t help but roll your eyes when people tell you they were born in the wrong era.

Prevalent Jim Crow laws, laws marking women as essentially the property of their husbands… Yeah, let’s not go back to the ‘50s, thanks.

14. Sometimes, random cultural references actually help you out on tests

WWI all started with the shooting of archduke Franz Ferdinand... Thanks, John Greene!

15. Misquoted historical references enrage you

You know who said “Let them eat cake?” Not Marie Antoinette, that’s for sure.

16. You have to stop yourself from correcting people over petty facts sometimes