16 First World Problems We Deal With in College

Being college students increases our first world problems tenfold, because we're the people who endure the most insufferable inconveniences, such as broken elevators and too-hot coffee. We are "poor" enough to complain about tuition increases, yet we can still afford to go out every weekend. We claim to be overloaded with work, then spend half our night browsing Facebook or scrolling through funny slideshows (*ahem*). While we understand that our college bubble insulates us from any real dilemmas, we still get super annoyed at these 16 common first world problems. 

1. You can’t find the online version of a textbook, so you have to buy a physical copy like some sort of caveman.

2. You have no idea if you are late for class because your phone died.

3. You forget to bring a jacket to the classroom that always blasts the A/C.

4. You have to deal with a hangover at an early morning commitment, such as a group meeting or philanthropy event. If only you had a rest day between Saturday and Sunday (or the self-control to not drink the night before an early morning).

5. Your off-campus dining options are limited to locations that have student discounts.

6. Your roommate forgot to refill the Brita filter, so you have to wait 30 whole seconds for clean water.

7. After speeding through seasons of a newly discovered TV show on Netflix and finally catching up, you have wait a full week for new episodes.

8. On weekends, you wake up too late for breakfast and too early for lunch (and sometimes too late for lunch and too early for dinner).

9. You forgot to pack your headphones and now you have to walk to class in silence.

10. You see an acquaintance on campus who is too far for an actual conversation, but too close to ignore. You don't know whether to give a quick hello or to pretend you don’t see them.

11. You don’t have enough time to procrastinate as much as you’d like to this weekend.

12. Applying for financial aid gives you a headache. Filling out a few forms for free money is the worst.

13. You actually have nothing to wear because you waited so long to do laundry.

14. You still have two pages of your essay left to write... and you already double-spaced it, increased the character spacing, and switched from Times New Roman to Cambria.

15. Your laptop dies on you after you ignore the low battery warning (your charger was too far away at the time).

16. You attend an event solely for the free food, but they run out by the time you arrive.

Woe is truly us. You'd think we'd graduate with some kind of honors for dealing with so much printer failure.