15 Signs You're Killing It In College

No one expects you to have it all together in college. But, if at least one of these applies to you, we say you're totally killing it. 

1. You’re not (always) late to class

If you can stop yourself from hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning, let's face it, you're already killing it in college. 

2. You've overcome all of your high school insecurities 

Because you've realized that agonizing over tiny impefections that no one else cares about is so not worth your time. 

3. You can budget like a boss

As in, long term budgeting. Like, rent and bills and food. For a whole month.  

4. And your diet isn't terrible

Hey, as long as you eat your servings of fruits and veggies, we say you're killing it.

5. You can eat alone in the dining hall 

Without pretending to read a book or being on your phone the whole time. 

6. You've become a pro at paying next to nothing for textbooks

Whether you get them from the library, buy them from Amazon or borrow them from a friend, you've totally mastered college if you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester. And the extra cash in your pocket feels oh so good.

7. You're always expanding your social circle

Because as a collegiette, you know the only way you're going to grow is if you surround yourself with people from all different backgrounds. 

8. You've let go of toxic relationships 

byeeeeeee h8rs.

9. And you've learned that you can be totally happy on your own  

Plus maybe a cat.

10. You've made grown up decisions for yourself 

Like studying abroad, taking out student loans, getting a credit card or even just deciding on a major. 

11. And you've got some semblance of a life plan 

Even if it's just figuring out which classes you're taking next semester (or what you're having for dinner tonight). 

12. You don't rely on your parents for everything 

(But we still appreciate you sending us emergency money whenever we overdraw!)

13. And you've only ruined a few things doing laundry the wrong way 

It's a learning process. Okay?

14. You've found something you're passionate about

And you talk about it so much that your friends have to tell you to shut it.

15. Most importantly, you're taking chances, broadening your horizons and starting to see life in a new perspective.

Because that's what college is all about. 

It's a long time before you can be expected to have your whole life in order (if ever). But that doesn't mean you can't still be killing it in college!