15 Signs You're in a Co-ed Greek Organization

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to be involved in Greek life without joining the typical fraternity or sorority. Co-ed Greek organizations are a great way to meet other people who share an interest in either service or even a particular career. If you're in a co-ed Greek group, there's no doubt you can relate to the following!

1. You constantly have to explain that you’re not in a sorority

2. Your little might not be a sister

3. You count the semester by how many hours of service you have

4. There’s always someone to be your wingman

5. You’ve probably been an officer at some point

6. Formal is the best night of your semester

7. Everyone has heard the story of your most embarrassing moment...

...and still loves you

8. You own enough Greek t-shirts to last you the whole week

9. You’ve worked at more parties than you can count

10. You probably met some of your best friends through your society

11. You have inside jokes with 50-100 other people

12. You’re always recruiting freshman to join

13. You always list your group in your bio

14. No one remembers you’re actually part of Greek life

15. But you wouldn’t trade it for anything