15 Lies We All Tell Ourselves During College

College: a place for self-discovery, all-nighters and especially little white lies. We tell them all the time. We lie to our professors when we need an extension, we lie to our parents when they ask us about our party habits and we lie to ourselves...about pretty much everything.

1. I know what I’m doing.

2. I love all of my classes.

3. I’m not too stressed.

4. I'm not tired

5. I don’t like parties.

6. I won’t be drinking tonight.

7. I’m not homesick.

8. I’m going to clean my room.

9. I don’t care about this grade.

10. I have so much time.

11. I can do it tomorrow.

12. I have my life planned out.

13. I can’t wait to leave this town.

14. I won’t be sad to graduate.

15. I’m not scared to leave college.

What do you lie about?