15 Hard Decisions You Make Every Day in College

College is full of big decisions, like what you want to do with your career or who you're going to bring to your next date party. Life-changing decisions aside, though, there are a ton of other tricky choices we have to make on a daily basis. Should you shower or are you okay with looking homeless for class that day? Should you call your mom even though you know she's going to get mad that you were too busy watching Netflix to call her for the last three weeks? These are the REAL decisions...

1. Snack on an apple or go for froyo with your friends?

Good enough.

2. Get back to studying or click "Next Episode" on Netflix?

Netflix only gives you 10 seconds, and that's just not enough to get up off the couch. Bring it on, Episode 14.

3. Tell your friend that her outfit is totally trashy or let it slide?

Maybe she'll get the hint from a judgmental look...?

4. Sit next to that cute guy you spotted in class last week or keep to yourself?

DO IT. Just DO IT. 

5. Take a shower or use a bun to hide your greasy hair for the third day?

This depends on how many judgmental looks you're getting from your friends come morning...

6. Splurge on groceries at Whole Foods or slum it at a way less expensive supermarket?

Is organic bread even a thing? Really?

7. Wear the same outfit you did yesterday or switch it up?

Remember the Golden Rule: If no one saw you in it, you did not wear it.

8. Go for a run or just skip it?

Can you get all of your steps in by horizontal running? You're about to find out.

9. Put off doing laundry another day or have clean clothes?

You're re-using socks. It's time to make a change.

10. Sleep through your 8 a.m. or attempt to get out of bed and go?

It's all fun and games until you fail the first test.

11. Go out for dinner or make something from what you have in your kitchen?

You have a slice of bread, a container of yogurt, a ketchup packet from Chick-fil-A and a bottle of wine. Go!

12. Pay attention in class or scroll through your Twitter feed?

So many Tweets, so little time, such a boring lecture...

13. Going out when you have class/work the next day or staying in for the night?

This is where you say YOLO, right???

14. Pour yourself another cup of coffee to stay awake or go to sleep?

Answer: Switch to Red Bull, put on some Beyoncé and feel yourself gain a new energy.

15. Keep sharing "this is so true!"-inducing articles on Facebook or get back to studying?

Hmmm... School can wait.